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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Crown Theatre Perth Boosts Pulling Power with L-Acoustics K2

One of Western Australia’s most prestigious musical and entertainment venues, Crown Theatre Perth, recently commissioned and installed a new L-Acoustics K2 PA system, with help from AAA Productions and Jands.

Crown Theatre Perth is part of Western Australia’s premier integrated resort – Crown Perth – located in Burswood, Western Australia. The resort has an established reputation as a word-class entertainment venue – playing host to a number of the best international and national entertainment acts and cultural events in Western Australia. In addition to hosting a long list of award winning musical productions including Disney’s The Lion King, Disney’s Aladdin The Musical, Matilda, and Mamma Mia!, the theatre also boasts an impressive music and entertainment roster including Tim Minchin, Icehouse, Noel Gallagher, and The Australian Ballet.

In 2017 Crown Theatre Perth made the decision to permanently install a high-end PA system which would cement its current world-class reputation and increase commercial potential. To do so, Crown Theatre Perth approached pro audio service provider and L-Acoustics Rental Partner AAA Productions.

“Specifying a full and permanent system was a natural move for Crown Theatre Perth,” says Neil Campbell, Director at AAA Productions. “We’ve had a long-standing and successful relationship with the venue – particularly with L-Acoustics rental – so the staff there were already familiar with the technology and with our own high standards of service and support. It made sense for them to consider a complete and permanent sound reinforcement solution. This move can only help attract more international performers and productions, and further re-enforce the theatre’s high-end reputation.”

One of the main challenges for Crown Theatre Perth was overcome the restrictions on advance rigging positions and Safe Working Loads (SWL). L-Acoustics, Crown Theatre Perth, and AAA undertook a 12month research period before final commissioning, ensuring all architectural challenges could be overcome in order to install the possible system.

“The K2’s amazing power-to-weight ratio proved to be a big advantage,” explains Campbell. “It’s designed to hang where rigging limitations are tight, but where quality and coverage are still paramount.”

After a year of planning and budgeting, Crown Theatre Perth’s L-Acoustics installation was completed in November 2018.

The new system consists of two left-right hangs of 11 L-Acoustic K2 line source elements, bolstered by eight KS28 subs as well as a centre fill of four Kiva II. Two stacks of three ARCS II ae used for infill with two delay rings of six X8 each – one in the upper dress circle and one in the stalls. All elements are powered by LA12X amplified controllers whilst the whole system is network controlled and monitored via LA Network Manager.

The initial design for the new system was completed by Jordan Gibbs, Crown Theatre Perth’s former Head Technical Operator for Audio along with Neil Campbell and John Kerns from AAA. This was done using L-Acoustics Soundvision software – a 3D modelling and acoustic simulation tool. Crown Theatre Perth’s current Head Technical Operator Audio Jason Brown installed the design with final calibration by Julien Laval, L-Acoustics Applications Engineer.

“It was important to make sure the system was perfectly suited to the space,” says Campbell. “That would guarantee problem-free, exceptional quality sound reinforcement for every future production and audience member. We’re very pleased with the result; the accuracy of the Soundvision predictions in frequency response and SPL coverage when compared with real world measurements is amazing.”

Gerry Gavros, Brand Manager for Jands, L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor in Australia, sums up the experience; “Neil at AAA ensured that the theatre’s staff were supported all the way through the process with regular communications during the research, technical, and purchase phases, liaising with us at Jands, and with continuing support for the client after the install.”

With the new L-Acoustics K2 system installed and already working hard on a number of high-profile shows, Crown Theatre Perth’s Technical Manager Shona Treadgold comments: “We’re proud and pleased to be able to offer this industry-leading PA system. It has radically improved the venue’s sound quality and coverage and we have received incredible feedback from our clients and theatre guests. I’m certain that this system will ensure we continue to attract the high calibre of world-class performers and theatrical productions that Crown Theatre Perth has enjoyed to date.”


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