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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Cyans LED Virtual Studio Transforms Taiwan TV and Film Production

Cyans LED Virtual Studio Transforms Taiwan TV and Film Production Industry with Brompton

Harvatek, a Taiwanese supplier of LEDs, has partnered with an experienced local equipment distributor to establish a joint subsidiary called Cyans Visual Creative Co., Ltd. On 7th July, the company officially opened the doors to its virtual production Studio. Built inside the Formosa Television station (FTV) in the Linkou district, a hub for film and television productions in New Taipei City, the Cyans LED Virtual Studio is the country’s first virtual production facility located within a broadcasting station. The studio boasts the highest specifications, adhering to the Netflix Partner Centre standard, and features industry-leading LED processing provided by Brompton Technology.

Offering a plethora of virtual production and real-time integration services, the Cyans LED Virtual Studio caters to a wide range of commercial events, including press conferences, product launches, online activities, and small-scale concerts. Moreover, it is a versatile option for capturing dynamic shoots, including commercials, films, dramas, music videos, and other productions.

“In light of the growing global virtual production market, our goal with Cyans LED Virtual Studio is to provide Taiwanese film and television production teams with a cutting-edge, tailor-made environment that addresses their creative production needs,” says Peter Hou, General Manager at Cyans Visual Creative Co., Ltd. “Through the seamless integration of software and hardware, we strive to unleash creativity and drive the virtual production trend in Taiwan.”

The studio offers a suspended LED main screen, the only one of its kind in Taiwan, ensuring a seamless display that greatly minimises moiré effect during shooting. Measuring 18.5m wide by 5m high, the LED wall is constructed with high-quality P2.3 Harvatek LED panels. “By using Harvatek’s LED panels and industry ‘gold standard’ LED processing from Brompton, we are able to fulfil the technical requirements for any virtual production or extended reality applications,” explains Hou. He adds that the floor LED and ceiling LED can be conveniently adjusted based on production requirements, providing flexibility in capturing various shooting angles.

With high-resolution shooting capabilities and multi-camera frequency-based multi-angle operations, the Cyans LED Virtual Studio supports up to four cameras for live broadcasting. Leveraging Unreal Engine with Virtual Cam and Physical Cam, both virtual and physical zoom modes can be empowered for enhanced production. Additionally, the use of a tracking system significantly streamlines post-production time for the team working at the studio.

When choosing an LED processing solution, Brompton Technology was the preferred choice right from the start. “One key factor that cemented our decision was Brompton’s unique Dynamic Calibration technology, which ensures accurate colour representation and HDR capabilities for LED displays,” continues Hou.

Taking full advantage of Brompton’s Tessera software feature set was another advantage for the team and allows them to meet the specific requirements of a variety of use cases, offering flexibility and optimal performance. For Cyans, some of the most notable Tessera features include Frame Remapping, which makes it possible for multiple cameras to see different content when viewing the same LED screen at the same time; ChromaTune for making precise adjustments and corrections to the colours in incoming video signals; PureTone to compensate for any non-linearities, ensuring true, clean, accurate colours and neutral grey scales; and ShutterSync, a patented processing feature that automatically adjusts the timing of the LED refresh to match the preferred camera setup.

Hou emphasises that investing in reliable and robust equipment, such as Brompton Technology LED processing, proves critical for filmmakers as it eliminates concerns about potential technical issues during filming. “With Brompton’s highly dependable solutions, users can focus on their creative vision without worrying about the equipment’s performance or reliability,” he says.

Prior to its official opening, gaming company Gamania Group had already seized the opportunity to employ the studio’s facilities for filming the online launch event, announcing the newest version of one of their games.

“We are already working on some exciting projects,” says Hou. “With Cyans LED Virtual Studio, our aspiration is to offer a multitude of possibilities to Taiwan’s film and television production industry. Our vision is for our studio to serve as the primary platform for technical enthusiasts and creative experts across the industry to collaborate, share experiences, and exchange ideas.”

Brompton’s Director of APAC Operations, Elijah Ebo, attended the studio’s launch event and shares his view on the opening of this new facility.

“With the emergence of LED for virtual production studios in APAC, we are not surprised to now be seeing the same LED being successfully used in broadcast studios,” says Ebo. “We are delighted that Cyans’ visual creative team have chosen our LED processing solutions for their new studio, and it was an honour for me to be part of their opening event and engage in the Q&A session, offering attendees a glimpse into Brompton’s latest innovations in LED processing and how those can benefit Cyans LED Virtual Studio’s clients.”


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