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Thursday, June 20, 2024

D2N Powers Intercoms for Triple 8/Johor Motor Sports Team

Audio, video, lighting and Communications provider D2N – Technology Solutions has signed a multi-year deal to supply a comprehensive Riedel Bolero and Kenwood intercom solution for the Triple Eight Race Engineering/Johor Motor Sports Team which competes in the Fanatec GT World Challenge series.

The Fanatec GT World Challenge Asia Series is the continent’s biggest multi-class GT race series. It also comprises a quarter of SRO Motorsports Group’s worldwide GT3 sprint racing platform where the performances of manufacturers and drivers contribute towards a global championship as well as domestic titles. The series is also one of a select few multi-class championships to mix GT3 and GT4 cars, with the latter’s teams and drivers fighting for their own class wins and titles.

Commenting on the D2N comms deal, Triple Eight Race Engineering’s GT Team Manager, Andrew Simpson said, “D2N’s Managing Director, Jason Owen successfully has previously worked with the team to supply vital equipment to our GT team. Since then, Jason has provided an excellent Riedel Bolero and Kenwood intercom solution which fully satisfies the requirements of our Asian GT program.”

Triple Eight’s requirements for their Asian GT program needed a solution that was more expansive than the one the team had been using previously.

Simpson continued, “The new communications system needed to be more powerful, flexible and critically have the ability to change between the different radio frequency restrictions in different countries. As such, the Riedel Kenwood solution D2N have provided us with will allow us to simply change what range of the DECT spectrum the system operates on to comply with different regulations in various countries.”

The full communications solution D2N proposed and provided for the Triple Eight GT Asia team Simpson describes as a winning combination, adding: “The Riedel Bolero and Kenwood intercom system gives each team member a belt pack to communicate effectively across different channels to each section of the team. Having six-plus different lines of communication on the belt pack system also allows for a much more streamlined way of communicating amongst the team. For example, our engineers can talk easily to other engineers, our crew chief can talk to each car’s respective crew and so on – all in super high-quality audio. The Kenwood mobile units provide excellent signal when communicating with the car on track.”

As far as quality and reliability of the D2N solution are concerned Simpson is equally complimentary concluding, “D2N are the undoubted leader in high quality racing communications and Riedel and Kenwood make great products. The programming interface we now use is intuitive and user friendly. The beltpack units themselves are great quality, with excellent signal strength, battery life, sound quality and ergonomic buttons. As a result of having D2N as a technology partner, the Triple Eight Race Engineering team will exclusively use the Riedel Bolero and Kenwood system they have supplied us with throughout our campaign in GTWC Asia for all our communication needs.”


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