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D2N Technology Solutions Joins Forces with SimplyLive in Australia

Furthering its expansion in the local market, D2N has joined forces with SimplyLive, the maker of intuitive, flexible and scalable multi-camera production systems. The new partnership will see D2N become a value-added reseller and system integrator for SimplyLive in Australia.

D2N MD, Jason Owen (pictured), explained, “SimplyLive CEO Luc Doneux and I were introduced at IBC a while ago as he was developing some very interesting products. I was immediately impressed by Luc’s character, presence and knowledge on the technology and his view on the people who can support your business long term. He is proactive in the market and sees new opportunities very much like we do at D2N, so our companies are a perfect complement for one another.”

Luc Doneux added, “I am very excited to announce this new collaboration with D2N, a solid and trusted partner in Australia. D2N’s experienced team has an excellent track record. We are very pleased to work with them and establish them as a key partner in charge of our sales and support centre in Australia. We feel confident that this partnership will bring growth and success for both our companies, in today’s new production reality. SimplyLive is pioneering with its cutting-edge, flexible and futureproof traditional baseband, IP, remote and cloud-based broadcast solutions.”

For Owen, D2N’s significant growth and success over the last few years has been, in part, due to strategic partnerships much like the new one with SimplyLive.

He continued, “At D2N we super-service our customers with premium solutions and our success has been largely built on word of mouth recommendations. Luc and I agreed from day one that to grow your business here in Australia local support and representation is critical. SimplyLive, much like D2N, have experienced significant growth and now gotten to a point where they need boots on the ground to not only support their existing customer base but to also be able to live demo and liaise with clients face to face. So, we agreed on our partnership agreement in Australia and we have already secured a large commitment with Sky Racing for a SimplyLive solution provided and supported by D2N.”

According to Owen, SimplyLive’s ideal customer is a medium-sized broadcaster or production company who are always looking for kit that will lift the quality of their production, keep their costs under control and give them broadcast quality.

“At D2N,” he says, “we deal with all the major OB and production companies in Australia and the second tier operators, of which there are hundreds. With the SimplyLive solution there is also a huge opportunity for sporting federations to improve their adjudication process. They can do this, easily, by making multiple camera angles available in a very easy to use GUI, so operators can quickly review decisions either in-play or post-match. In short SimplyLive adds significant value but at a fraction of the cost of their competitors’ solutions.”

Owen says the key to SimplyLive’s continuing success in Australia is listening to what the customers want and truly delivering that.

He adds, “As a result of Luc’s background within EVS he is perfectly positioned to understand what customers want. He also plays in the same circles as the big broadcasters and sporting federations so that alone gives him a great sounding board for future products and features.”

SimplyLive also offer what Owen describes as, “the big all-in-one production” which gives clients vision mixing, audio mixing, graphics and slo-mo replay all in a single or multi-user touch screen GUI.

He said, “Honestly there is nothing quite like SimplyLive in the market right now with all of those features, especially at that quality level and competitive price. There’s more though as they also offer Ref-Box which is used by multiple sports for match adjudication and all of their systems scale from 4 channel up to 16 channel with HD and UHD. They can be run on-site, on your premises or in the cloud so they are super flexible too.”

There is no doubt in Jason Owen’s mind that the big broadcasters and production providers in Australia will all enjoy SimplyLive’s new local support and quick turnaround for pricing. That said, the smaller, second tier operators can now also enjoy D2N packaging and providing multiple SimplyLive products to cover their entire IP workflow.

Jason Owen concluded, “Anyone can sell boxes. At D2N we have a real focus on taking the time to understand the customer’s end goal and then coming up with a fit-for-purpose solution that can add value to their business. In our experience most customers want to deal with as few suppliers as possible. In Australia D2N is regarded as a key supplier that can provide solutions across a number of platforms, making it very easy to do business with us. As an example, we are already strong in intercom and two way radios, so it’s easy for customers to buy both from us. It is the same deal for video as, with SimplyLive can provide production and then with other brands we represent such as Kiloview, AIDA, TVU and Sienna we can provide the other pieces of the puzzle to complete the whole workflow.”

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