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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Dalian Tiantu Cable TV Launches New 4K Channel

Dalian Tiantu Cable Television Network, a leading cable television provider based in Dalian, China, has chosen Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE VS7000 video system and Sapphire MPEG stream server to provide HEVC encoding and playout for its new 4K linear channel. Dalian Tiantu Cable TV’s new channel leverages the advanced high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) capabilities of the Thomson Video Networks solutions to provide a rich UHDTV picture at up to 50 frames per second (FPS) and in 10-bit colour.

For its first 4K offering, Dalian Tiantu Cable TV needed the most advanced HEVC encoding and playout technologies available. Working together, the Thomson Video Networks ViBE VS7000 and Sapphire MPEG stream server create a powerful platform to leverage the full power of HEVC encoding, enabling the cable provider to deliver pristine 4K picture quality with maximum bandwidth savings.

Dalian Tiantu Cable TV’s new 4K channel offers a variety of programs. As opposed to the more costly option of processing the content in baseband and then performing live encoding, the programs are encoded offline by the ViBE VS7000 and then played out in the compressed domain by the Sapphire system. The Thomson Video Networks solutions are integrated with the Gefei automation system, giving Dalian Tiantu Cable TV operators control over encoding and playout via a unique Chinese-language GUI.

“With its new 4K channel, Dalian Tiantu Cable TV is blazing a trail for the next generation of broadcasting in China,” said Tony Berthaud, vice president, Asia-Pacific sales, Thomson Video Networks. “Its new channel is an excellent use case for our ViBE VS7000 system and Sapphire stream server working in concert to create HEVC content at any frame rate and any resolution up to UHD – with superb video quality.”

At CCBN 2015, Thomson Video Networks will showcase next-generation HEVC video delivery to enable UHDTV playout and multicast broadcast multicast services (eMBMS). The solution, powered by the ViBE VS7000 encoder, Sapphire MPEG stream server, and Amethyst redundancy switch, has already been successfully deployed by major global satellite operators. Thomson Video Networks will also display premium HEVC UHD content protection using watermarking technology.


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