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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Dayang Wins CCTV 4K Ultra HD Broadcasting Project

Recently, China Dayang won the bid of the CCTV 4K Ultra HD TV broadcasting project, which helped CCTV build an advanced 4K broadcasting system integrating management, monitoring and control.

In order to accelerate the development of 4K ultra HD TV, CCTV plans to launch the 4K ultra HD test channel on the 1st of October, 2018. After the completion of the broadcasting project, 4K ultra HD TV will be applied to 4K ultra HD test channel. This is an important step for the construction and implementation of 4K ultra HD broadcasting network. It is also a strategic goal for CCTV to keep pace with The Times and continuously promote the application of advanced TV technology.

Dayang based on CCTV in 4K ultra HD TV content operation and the actual situation of the business development requirements, help the construction of 4K broadcast system, combined with ultra HD resolution, software definition, IP network, application virtualisation and other new technology and new technology, realising the TV show in the resolution, digital, colour space, the respect such as high dynamic range of quality improvement, push 4K ultra HD resolution makes online the whole process, sow for the CCTV in the field of ultra HD television and strategic goal to provide strong support for the long-term development.

4K after completion of the broadcast system can dock with the station within the existing program production management process, and preparing a docking program files, media assets to the total signal docking control scheduling, release docking with program distribution, and the whole set of hierarchical planning of network information security domain network docking, the full range of 4K into the entire production program of ultra HD CCTV and network system.

The development of 4K ultra HD TV is an inevitable choice of CCTV to deepen the supply-side reform of radio and television in the new era and lead the development of radio and television industry. With the establishment of the 4K ultra HD test channel by CCTV, Dayang will help it build a new technology system for 4K ultra HD TV production and broadcasting, and meet the urgent needs of the masses for the 4K ultra HD TV program. At the same time, this project is another significant contribution made by Dayang after the 4K ultra HD project in Guangdong. In the future, we will help more users to improve their leading position in the field of 4K ultra HD and realise their leapfrog development.


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