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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Digistor Launches New Technical Services and Customer Assurance Plans

Furthering its commitment to customer value and quality solutions, Digistor has launched new Technical Services and Customer Assurance Plans. The new Customer Assurance Plans come in four options, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each with an increasing amount of benefits.

All the technical services and plans are managed and run by Digistor’s skilled team of highly trained and accredited engineers and include personalised telephone, email and remote support, on-site service, workshop services and regular support bookings. The new Customer Assurance Plans also have priority service and response times.

Digistor CEO Andrew Mooney explained, “Digitsor has had Customer Assurance Plans in place for over ten years but, more recently, we were finding that clients would often ask if we had simpler plans and ones that could be paid over the course of the plan rather than as one upfront payment. Our clients engage Digitsor to not only be there when they are in trouble but also to provide a more proactive service to ensure their equipment and facility are healthy and performing as expected – a bit like getting your car serviced every year even if it has not broken down. So, with that in mind, we created new plans with several subscription offerings, from the entry-level Bronze plan up to the comprehensive, bespoke, Platinum offering. The Bronze plan offers basic peace of mind that, if something goes wrong, we’ll be there to help. The higher-level plans include more proactive services where we perform regular check-ups and reports to help identify any potential problems before they occur and ensure maximum uptime for the client.”

In addition to the new subscription-based Customer Assurance Plans, Digitsor provides a comprehensive range of technical support offerings from simple Support Tokens for one-off issues, to Pre-paid Support Accounts that can be drawn down as required, and the more traditional Customer Assurance Plans. Digistor also provides a range of packaged services for specific tasks such as facility relocation and SOE Deployment.

Mooney continued, “Our traditional Customer Assurance Plans and pre-paid accounts have proven very popular over the years. Moving forward, the new subscription-based Customer Assurance Plans are becoming the most popular choice and will become an industry-standard offering. Our services and plans are specifically designed for the media and entertainment market sector, and we arguably have the most highly skilled engineers in this space. We also have a more comprehensive portfolio of offerings than other companies, all of which enables our clients to do what they do best, without worrying about the underlying technology. We take care of the technology so that our clients are the most productive and creative they can be.”

Digistor has a vast number of clients who happily use their Technical Services and Customer Assurance Plans. One of these, Michael Messih​, the Post Production Supervisor at Hogarth Australia, said, “Digistor’s service has been a terrific support to our business. They are agile, thorough and proactive in how they monitor and maintain our servers, backup, archive libraries and edit suites. Their pricing model for support has meant that we’ve been able to quickly scale and adapt our support requirements across our three office locations.”

Digistor’s Technical Services Coordinator is Claire Boskett, and her take on the new services and plans is simple, “We give the clients what they want, which is specific, timely ongoing support. We establish great working relationships that tailor each service and plan to individual customer’s requirements. We also have a managed production system that is scalable and efficient.”

Tristan Velasco, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Chello echoed Boskett’s sentiment adding, “We met Digistor when we were a young agency looking to upgrade our server infrastructure to bring more rigour, efficiency and security. We use the pre-paid service for technical requests and work closely with the Digistor team to come up with a suitable solution and the right products that meet our needs. They are and have always been incredibly approachable whenever we had to escalate any issues, most of which are normally addressed almost immediately. We used to engage with other service providers, but now it’s just Digistor as their industry knowledge combined with references from other agency owners I know, helped us build the best working relationship. The fact that we have Digistor as an ‘external IT team’ allows us to focus on what we do best – brand and content – with the confidence that Digistor will address any technical issues very efficiently.”

Boskett continued, “There were several recurring requests. Mainly a single, trusted point of contact, help whenever it’s needed, access to expertise, skill and knowledge of their business, a friendly caring relationship and of course reliability. Our technical services and customer assurance plans give clients all of these elements provided by qualified industry specialists who are supported by an established business that’s been around for over 30 years.”

Shark island Productions is another satisfied client that uses Digistor’s technical services and customer assurance plans. Set up 15 years ago by Ian Darling, senior editor Sally Fryer has cut all of Darling’s films since. In 2019, the documentary The Final Quarter, also edited by Fryer won the 2019 AACTA Awards for Best Editing in a Documentary amongst many other awards.

Fryer has also been the company’s main contact for Digistor as she explained, “Our first office was at Fox Studios in 2005 until we moved to our current offices in Woollahra. We needed smart technical advice from day one, and for that we turned to Digistor. Honestly, they have never put a foot wrong since. They managed all of our systems and tech support at Fox Studios, our move to Woollahra and everything edit suite, technical and storage-related in our new facility. Their service and support is head and shoulders above anyone else in the industry, their relationships and professionalism are second to none, and we feel like we are taken care of 24/7 which is simply invaluable.”

Digistor’s new Customer Assurance Plans come in four options, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. For more detail on each of the new plans go to:

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