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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Dubbing is Making a Comeback

Tech innovator VoiceQ has extended its proven dubbing software to the cloud to meet increasing demands for speed, efficiency and scale in the global dubbing industry.

VoiceQ Cloud Manager and VoiceQ Cloud Collaborator are web-based applications designed to complement native dubbing applications VoiceQ Pro and VoiceQ Writer by introducing script localisation efficiencies across the pre-record workflow, and reporting efficiencies across pre-record and record workflows.

In announcing the launch of the new cloud tools VoiceQ CEO Steven Renata says, “Dubbing studios around the world tell us the script preparation stage is challenging. We have created cloud-based tools that allow everyone involved in script localisation to collaborate in real time, from anywhere, on any device, in perfect sync.

“All Managers need is an internet connection to experience over-the-shoulder editing, accelerate review and approval, manage multiple projects more easily, and be everywhere – without blowing the budget.”

In extending to the cloud the company is riding the wave of growth in the global language services market, a market seeing exponential growth in consumption and soaring investment in localised content (up 35 percent year-on-year).

Acknowledged as innovative and disruptive, VoiceQ is now recognised as the market leader in the ‘prompting tools’ category. It recently featured in a special report in The Economist that explores dubbing around the globe and concludes that “Dubbing is coming to a small screen near you. Once associated with poor quality and foreigners too lazy for subtitles, the art form is having a comeback.”

The Economist correspondent tries out VoiceQ on-screen in a top Los Angeles studio and acknowledges it as helping drive the current boom in English dubbing: replacing the traditional French rythmoband with tech solutions, and credited in studio as “making sprawling international productions easier, faster and cheaper” and turning a dubbing session into an experience for director and actor that is “like making their own film without the camera”.

Investment in tomorrow’s audio’s professionals

Launch of the cloud products has also prompted the release of a new package for training future audio production stars.  Education and training institutions who sign up to the package get software for managers, engineers, adaptors and translators, including VoiceQ Cloud Manager and VoiceQ Cloud Collaborator for the pre-record stage. They also have access to customised training modules and video training.  Education clients signed to date range from New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington to the Sámi Education Institute in Lapland, Norway.


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