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Monday, July 15, 2024

Electro-Voice, Dynacord Bring Vocal Clarity to Binh Thuan Roman Catholic Church

A sound system solution comprising Electro-Voice loudspeakers and microphones and Dynacord amplifiers has enhanced audio intelligibility for the congregation at Binh Thuan Roman Catholic Church in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The solution was installed by Duy Hoa Phat Corp and was specified to overcome the reverberance inside the church.

Established in 1966, Binh Thuan church is a notable religious site within Vietnam’s Catholic community and one of the biggest churches in Ho Chi Minh City. Since its original construction, the church has been through several renovations and expansions. However, as the church building has grown, its existing sound system, which had been selected more for its aesthetic than acoustical properties, has not been able to keep up.

The church decided it was time for a new audio solution that could deliver high-quality sound across the whole chancel with absolutely no delay or echo – a challenge, since the reverberation time there is more than four seconds. In addition to this, the loudspeakers needed to blend into the church’s bright interior design to be visually unobtrusive.

The answer was found in white versions of models from the Electro-Voice EVC family of compact loudspeakers for fixed installation. A pair of EVC-1122-VI Vari-Intense 12” two-way loudspeakers address the main congregational seating area, supported by seven EVC-1082 8” two-way loudspeakers. The EVC-1122-VI has a unique asymmetrical horn design which allows uniform coverage of rectangular spaces, ensuring sermons can be heard clearly by every member of the congregation during services. In addition to the EVC models, a pair of EVID S4.2TB and a further two Bosch LB2-UC30-L1 compact installation cabinets complete the solution. Power for the audio system is provided by five Dynacord L1300FD 2x 650 W DSP amplifiers.

Electro-Voice microphones ensure an equally high standard of audio quality at the input end of the signal chain. Four wired ND96 dynamic supercardioid vocal mics are joined by an equal amount of RE3 UHF wireless systems featuring ND96 handhelds. Completing the microphone selection are 12 RE92HW cardioid hanging mics to capture the harmonies of the choir.

This combination of equipment precisely addresses the church’s needs, especially in delivering the highest level of clarity for speaking and singing voices. And, importantly for a worship application, the durability and quality of Electro-Voice and Dynacord products mean that Binh Thuan Roman Catholic Church will be enjoying the advantages of its new audio solution for many years to come.

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