Monday, May 20, 2024

ENENSYS Powers DAB Trial in Uzbekistan

ENENSYS Technologies, the provider of efficient media delivery solutions, has announced that its Twister II high efficiency exciter is being used for DAB trials in Uzbekistan.

CRRT – the national operator of DVB-T/T2 Digital Terrestrial Television in Uzbekistan, is considering the possibility of launching new DAB digital radio services in several regions. Looking for a quick and cost-effective solution, the decision was made to reuse old analogue VHF transmitters. To do so, ENENSYS’ Twister II was chosen to upgrade towards the DAB standard. CRRT already upgraded successfully its high-power TV station in Tashkent with Twister II, and thus ensured excellent DAB signal distribution in the capital of Uzbekistan.

“We were looking for a straightforward solution to re-use our existing analog broadcast infrastructure in order to reduce cost and move forward quickly. ENENSYS’ Twister II appears to be the right and natural solution to do so,” says Turgunov Makhmud, Chief Technical Officer of CRRT. “Furthermore, the obtained performances are excellent, as it was a new brand transmitter, that’s definitely the solution we were looking for.”

“We are very pleased to be selected by CRRT for the modernization of their TV/Radio transmission sites and this launch of new DAB services based on the existing analog TV transmitters,” says Laurent ROUL, Vice-President Marketing at ENENSYS. “This is another recognition of our exciter’s quality, with performances that match the needs of broadcast operators.”


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