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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

FATS Media Lab On Deck

FATS would like it known that to date all services continue unabated albeit whilst stringently following social distancing. But should full lockdown be enforced, a separate email on what is and is not possible will be issued.

In the meantime the show goes on and it is with great pleasure the company reveals a new livery and a refocussing of its services. As such it’s the teams’ belief that FATS Media Lab better represents the highly specialised services being provided today and moving forward.

At the same time FATS Media Lab is announcing greater focus of its services on six core Content Management Service areas.

Those Core Services are:

Media Asset Digitisation

FATS Media Lab has one of the largest ranges of current and superseded film, video, stills and audio tape machines in Australia. Machines that can digitise all past and current content forms to 4K, 2K, HD, PAL and NTSC formats. The team can encode files from and to any format for storage on physical drives or cloud for use later or for immediate delivery to the broadcasters, social media channels or the latest streaming platforms. For older ageing materials FATS Media Lab also offers restoration services, tape baking, and cleaning services.

Content Aggregation

FATS Media Lab is fully equipped with industry leading technology and high speed bandwidth capabilities to facilitate transfers to and from virtually any video and audio codec. Ask the technical team for assistance with delivering your content for the growing number of Social, Broadcast and VOD Streaming platforms.

QC services

FATS Media Lab is already a leading provider of content technical assessment (QC) services. Fast becoming a pre-requirement for almost all broadcasters, distributors and streaming companies, FATS Media Lab QC Service checks and ensures all content it reviews meets the wide variety of technical benchmarks required.

DCP Mastering and Deliverables

FATS Media Lab offer cinema owners, content owners and distributors a comprehensive set of digital cinema and broadcast content delivery services. These services include specialist mastering, encoding, encryption, hard drive duplication and marketing content distribution services.

Media Asset Management

FATS Media Lab MAM enables its clients to store and archive media assets and access and manage these via the internet from anywhere at any time.

Creative Services

FATS Media Lab uses the latest hardware and software to capture, encode, edit, transcode and create deliverables for projects. FATS Media Lab is also one of Australia’s premiere DVD and Blu-ray authoring houses. Whilst not a post house nor a creative agency, FATS Media Lab is fully equipped with the latest Avid, Final Cut, Adobe, Nuendo and Pro Tools technology to support its client’s where required. We also offer comprehensive disc production services from initial concept and design through to authoring, pre-mastering and replication.


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