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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Feedback Drives LiSTNR App’s Biggest Update to User Experience

SCA audio app LiSTNR has unveiled its biggest app update since its launch in 2021. The new features were developed following extensive consultation and feedback from LiSTNR’s 1.8 million signed-up customer base.

According to the company, the enhancements will make the LiSTNR app faster, more intuitive and personalised with a full re-design to deliver an exceptional experience for users.


New features include:

  • A simpler navigation featuring: Home, Discover and Library.
  • An enhanced, fully personalised homepage with a ‘For You’ tab, giving users easy access to live radio and music stations, radio shows and podcasts they follow or have recently played.
  • New tabs to showcase the most popular content types including Radio, Podcasts and Music (with Sport coming soon).
  • A re-designed Radio tab, highlighting all 99 Hit and Triple M local stations and their associated DAB+ stations. A more relevant experience is achieved by users’ postcodes informing the prioritisation of local Hit and Triple M radio stations and local news appearing first.
  • A new, dedicated Music tab with a range of music stations to suit every mood and music-based podcasts.
  • The new Discover option enables intuitive search plus browsing by category and genre.
  • An improved Library provides access to all the content that users follow, have listened to and downloaded, plus the latest podcast episodes.

SCA Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Stephen Haddad, said: “LiSTNR has been developed from the ground up within SCA and this new version of the app, our biggest since LiSTNR launched, will deliver our 1.8 million-plus signed-up users a truly personal experience. We have listened to and taken on board user feedback to produce the ultimate audio user experience, making content easily accessible and the app faster and fun to use.

“As well as the new features and benefits, the LiSTNR app has undergone a complete re-design to look even more slick and to be even more intuitive. While users are listening, they will feel immersed in a world of great content, with all the information they could want at their fingertips. We are extremely proud of delivering an Australian owned and operated digital audio platform.”

SCA Chief Commercial Officer, Seb Rennie, said: “The LiSTNR app is enabled with best-in-class technology to deliver unique and unrivalled targeting, attribution, contextual solutions and advanced dynamic creative optimisation for advertisers ensuring that this, along with LiSTNR’s highly engaged audience of more than 1.8 million users, means the most advanced and effective digital audio solutions are now available at LiSTNR.”

All LiSTNR users retain their user accounts and preferences as the new app launches. If users have auto app updates on, they do not need to do anything. If auto updates are off, users simply update the app on their smartphone and they will already be logged in. Once updated, users will experience a tour of the new features before exploring the app.


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