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Finesse Expands Media Localisation with OOONA Integrated

OOONA, the provider of professional management and production tools for the media localisation industry, has announced that Finesse Services has selected the OOONA Integrated platform.

Finesse is entering the next phase of its growth by expanding its services to include translation work in multiple Asian and European languages. The company delivers diversified media services that enable content owners, content creators and service providers to produce, manage and repurpose media with increased efficiency and at lower cost.

With offices in the US and the UK, and with production centers in India, Philippines and Indonesia, Finesse subtitles over half a million minutes of video per year, as well as offers transcription, localization and creative services to media and entertainment, and corporate clients.

“It is a great time to be in the video localisation market, as audiovisual content is expanding globally,” says Rajnish Babbar, CEO of Finesse. “The security OOONA Integrated offers has been indispensable to our growth as we target some of the largest content owners and language service providers globally. In the last few months we have transitioned our workflows and processes to the OOONA platform which has quickly become the backbone of our operations.”

“We have long been known for our ability to provide top-notch template creation services for media localisation workflows,” adds Alex Keller, VP, Business Development at Finesse. “With the increased demand in the sector, we started offering localization in all Indian languages that are native to us. We have now expanded to other Asian languages plus some European ones.”

“We needed to scale up quickly as we were constantly adding new workflows and new resources to our pool, and we needed to do so in a streamlined fashion,” explains Babbar. “We were also looking for ways to increase our staff’s productivity in terms of project scheduling and execution, and also with respect to the subtitling task itself. OOONA not only offers a great management platform to work on but has integrated other offerings that allow it to stay ahead of the curve with respect to spotting of media files and language automation which we have wanted to try out for a long time.”

“Finesse needed a reliable, scalable and state-of-the art solution that would allow it to focus on what it does best, which is to service its clients,” says OOONA co-founder and CEO Wayne Garb. “We are proud to be its partner and help it grow at this exciting time for the market.”

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