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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

First LG OLED 8K TV Lands in Australia

LG Electronics Australia (LG) has announced the company’s 88-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K (model 88Z9) is arriving in Australian stores from October 2019. The LG 88Z9 model is the world’s first 8K OLED TV and the largest LG OLED TV model to date.

This model is the second 8K TV to join LG’s 2019 line-up following the launch of the LG NanoCell 8K (model 75SM99), which landed in Australian retailers last month. The LG OLED 8K TV is also the eighth OLED TV model to join LG Australia’s diverse range of OLED TV products in 2019. Since 2013 LG has been the global leader of the OLED TV category offering a variety of large screen models. Unlike LED/ LCD TVs, through the elimination of a backlight, each pixel in an LG OLED TV has the ability to turn on-and-off where light is required, creating a perfect black screen. This provides the perfect canvas for producing vivid, lifelike images comprising of more than one billion colours and creates contrast on the screen at its finest detail. The company continues to grow the LG OLED TV category in the market. Globally LG OLED models make up to 20 per cent of LG’s high-end 2019 TV portfolio, with the demand for OLED TVs expected to expand to 7 million in 2020 and 10 million in 2021.

The LG OLED 8K TV delivers 8K Ultra HD resolutioni (7,680 x 4,320) and with 33 million self-emitting pixels, equivalent to 16-times the number of pixels in a Full HD TV and four-times that of a 4K UHD TV.

Powered by the Alpha 9 (α9) Gen 2 Intelligent Processor, the LG OLED 8K TV combines six-step up-scaling and noise reduction to create a hyper realistic, sharp, vivid and detailed picture. Developed with Artificial Intelligence (AI), LG’s deep learning technology optimises the viewing experience based on both the source content and the ambient conditions in which it is being viewed. This upscaling process can be applied to SD, Full HD and 4K content to produce an incredible audio-visual experience.ii

The TV is furthermore enhanced with Cinema HDR technology, which is made up of Dolby Vision, HDR10 PRO and Advanced HDR by Technicolor. Cinema HDR works with the α9 Gen 2 Processor to identify the quality of the HDR source material and then alters the source content image tone mapping for impeccable realistic vision on the screen. The intelligent algorithm can also optimise the sound settings and positioning, including Dolby Atmos® integration, creating clearer speech and delivering virtual 5.1 immersive soundscapes.

Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing at LG Electronics Australia commented on the LG OLED 8K TV arriving in Australia: “We’re thrilled to offer a product that delivers the ultimate home entertainment experience available in Australia. The LG OLED 8K TV combines LG OLED display technology and 8K resolution for the best visual and true-to-life experience. On top of this, the TV will equip consumers for what’s to come with 8K content in the near future, such as 8K gaming consoles expected in 2020.

“It’s more than just a TV with an increased number of pixels and perfect blacks, it also delivers all of the latest display technologies consumers would expect and want. The powerful Alpha 9 (α9) Gen 2 Processor uses Artificial Intelligence to upscale standard definition or 4K content for a realistic audio-visual experience, such as clear speech and skin tones. Meanwhile, compatible cinematic content can be amplified with Advanced HDR 10 with Technicolor, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for an incredibly immersive setting.”

For a TV display to deliver the resolution as indicated by its pixel count, its minimum CM value must exceed 50 percent as well as having a width of 7,680 pixels. Therefore, an 8K TV with a CM value of under 50 percent is not delivering real 8K, even though it may in fact have a width of 7,680 pixels. In tests run in accordance with industry standards, both the LG OLED 8K and LG NanoCell 8K recorded CM values in the 90 percent range.

The LG OLED 8K TV will prepare users for the future of content technology and external 8K devices with high-quality picture options. LG has future-proofed its 8K TVs by providing four ports that support HDMI 2.1 specifications, which will allow viewers to enjoy 8K content at 60 frames per second through high frame rate (HFR); as well as smooth and clear 4K content at up to 120 frames per second. LG 8K TVs are also compatible with Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

Support for intelligent services: LG provides the smarts with built-in AI platforms The ThinQ AI platform provides a two-way conversation between the user and the LG OLED 8K TV. Users can control their entertainment experience using natural language commands, such as switching between picture modes, adjusting the volume or turning the TV off at set times. The smarts of this platform also goes as far as automatically detecting media, gaming and audio devices. On top of this, the TV can become the central hub of the smart home ecosystem connecting to other appliances. The platform also supports built-in Google Assistant™iv currently and will support Amazon Alexa via a firmware update in Q4 2019, which makes LG the only TV brand to talk directly to both leading AI platforms without the need for additional hardware. In turn, this offers more flexibility to connect to other smart home devices and access information from a wide range of sources.

Apple AirPlay 2v and HomeKit integration via a software update in Q4 on the 2019 LG OLED 8K, allows consumers to stream content from a compatible iPhone, iPad and Mac to their LG TV, including Dolby Vision titles. LG is also the first global TV manufacturer to support HomeKit, which enables consumers to easily and securely control their smart home with the Home app or via Siri on their Apple devices.

David Ackery, Executive Director at Harvey Norman Australia said: “We’re excited to be the first retailer in the Australian market to sell this magnificent TV in October. It’s been amazing to watch the evolution of LG OLED TV through our stores since 2013. These TVs just keep getting more innovative and special year-on-year.

“The LG OLED 8K TV is by far the most premium model we’ve seen. It’s packed with all the essentials we know consumers would love in their lounge rooms – the OLED display, 8K resolution, AI upscaling techniques, cinema technology integration, sound quality and sleek large screen design. All of these features and more will impress Australians for years to come.”

LG has joined forces with NVIDIA, adding support for NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility to selected 2019 OLED TVs (model 65/55E9 and model 77/65/55C9). The gaming performance and image quality of these models was validated through NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible testing, which determined the TVs delivered a variable refresh rate (VRR) gaming experience that is smooth and immersive without flickering, tearing or stuttering.

NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible support for selected 2019 LG OLED TVs (model 65/55E9 and model 77/65/55C9) will become available via a firmware update in Q4, 2019.

The 2019 webOS ribbon of applications on the LG OLED 8K TV provides users with a seamless experience to access their favourite content. Users can simply hover the LG Magic Remote cursor over an application and thumbnails from when the application was last used will appear, which makes it easy for consumers to pick up on where they left off. Therefore, the TV user will be able start up their Netflix content again from where they last watched.

In addition, only in Australia, LG has worked with Gracenote to provide LG webOS users with extra detail and the latest information on the content they are viewing.

Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing at LG Electronics Australia shares further comments: “The way in which we’re consuming content at home is fast evolving with the Consumer Technology Association in the US predicting streaming services will soon be leapfrogging broadcast and traditional pay TV services in providing the most 4K programming. Our 2019 TV range at LG offers easy access to 4K, Dolby Vision and Atmos content from Netflixvi, Amazon and Apple at one push of a button.

“The LG OLED TV category continues to go from strength to strength in the Australian market, setting a benchmark for quality home entertainment experiences in the home. With a variety of LG OLED TV options in the market now, and price points to match, we’re making this premium TV category more accessible to the masses.”

The 2019 LG OLED 8K (model 88Z9) TV is available from October at select Harvey Norman stores across the country for a mere AUD$59,999 (RRP).


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