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Five Wins for Wētā FX at 22nd VES Awards

The 22nd Annual VES Awards were held at the Beverly Hilton on 22 February to celebrate VFX talent in 25 awards categories and special honorees.

New Zealand’s Wētā FX had nominees in nine categories and won in five of these:

  • Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature: Nyad – Jake Braver, Fiona Campbell Westgate, Christopher White – Wētā FX, Mohsen Mousavi
  • Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode: The Last of Us; Season 1; Infected – Alex Wang, Sean Nowlan, Stephen James, Simon Jung – Wētā FX, Joel Whist
  • Outstanding Animated Character in an Episode, Commercial, Game Cinematic or Real-Time Project: The Last of Us; Endure and Survive; Bloater – Gino Acevedo – Wētā FX, Max Telfer – Wētā FX, Dennis Yoo – Wētā FX, Fabio Leporelli – Wētā FX
  • Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a CG Project: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – Joanna Davison – Wētā FX, Cheyana Wilkinson – Wētā FX, Michael Cozens – Wētā FX, Jason Desjarlais – Wētā FX
  • Outstanding Compositing & Lighting in an Episode: The Last of Us; Endure and Survive; Infected Horde Battle – Matthew Lumb – Wētā FX, Ben Roberts – Wētā FX, Ben Campbell – Wētā FX, Quentin Hema – Wētā FX

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