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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Flame Stokes Efficiency with Digistor and EditShare

Faced with a burgeoning workload of incoming content to version and pass through Quality Control (QC) for international sales and distribution, Flame Distribution required a new storage solution that was able handle the performance essential for data intensive formats such as 4K. The new solution they chose was EditShare EFS 200 storage supplied and installed by Digistor.

Flame Distribution’s Head of Technical Services Jason Lee explained, “Storage tends to be one of the largest and most significant purchases at many companies. Not investing in the right storage can not only be detrimental to our workflows, but also to the focus of our end users. Our existing storage was not performing properly and was slow impacting on everything from QC playback to editing. So we began looking at Tier 1 storage solutions as the main work volume is compressed footage from HD to 4K and beyond and we wanted to utilise the best technology to attain maximum performance. We discussed our issue with Digistor and it was clear an EditShare EFS 200 storage solution was the best way forward.”

Flame Distribution’s existing server for the media side of their business had been stretched as far as it could be. The server was installed over five years ago and even with subsequent storage enhancements, it struggled.

Lee continued, “Capacity requirements continue to grow with use of high resolution cameras, delivery formats and ability to find fee space for the storage. We needed new technology that would deliver efficiency in the way the team operates and give us the ability to deliver – that’s where Digistor and the EditShare EFS 200 came in. The additional server also benefits the footage side of our business in the processing and handling of the rushes we receive in order to derive clips – another growing requirement.”

Flame Distribution’s requirements for the EditShare EFS 200 storage solution were comprehensive. They wanted great performance, a great MAM system and so much more.

Lee added, “We needed the new solution to be able to handle various formats such as DNX, ProRes 422HQ or 4:4:4:4 and XDCAM in various frame rates. It also needed to be able to deal with broadcast-type projects, work with Mac and Windows workstations, have integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and QScan and handle various workflows such QC, colour correction, VFX, transcoding and editorial. We also needed to have more than 30TB in volume space and be able to work with AI to help with closed captioning or metadata. On top of that the solution had to work with current backup and archive systems, offer great security and support for 10Gbe networking, offer remote collaboration and be able to work to storage devices as well such as Synology Server. Oh and we wanted top tier support. It was a big ask but I’m delighted to say Digistor and the EditShare EFS 200 storage solution offer all of the above.”

It’s clear Lee sees EditShare’s EFS as a great solution as Flame now use the system when running technical assessments for HD and 4K formats, checking technical clip metadata and bringing data from a QScan into Flow then back into Adobe Premiere Pro. They also use it for editing trailers and promos for content markets or broadcasters, creating metadata for VOD platforms, ingesting, indexing, tagging, organising, editing and delivering content, remote editorial and approval and creating proxies.

Lee continued, “With the EditShare solution expansion is very straightforward. You can upgrade to the ‘All-In-One’ package, which gifts you a complete media production platform on top of everything else and which includes integrated asset management, archiving and easy tools to upload to the cloud and to use remote production. We have flexibility to work with every NLE, sound mixing or VFX program and every operating system. We also have easy project and media sharing capabilities and an open platform design, integrated with Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, Blackmagic and more. EFS auditing also keeps track of the location and movement of all digital assets, and captures every digital footstep of a file.”

It’s fair to say Flame Distribution’s workflows are second to none. In a technical assessment alone they deliver via media shuttle and send to the EFS 200 server. A QC is done through QScan and then data is brought into Flow Browse for review. Flow brings the data into Adobe Premiere to help with eye-balled QC process and a QC Operator will pass or fail it at that point. Additional notes are taken through Flow and AirFlow is used for approval and feedback.

Lee said, “We use the EditShare solution for all of the above and more. EditShare has built an impressive stable of products to solve everything from automated QC to MAM. They even have a standalone piece of software to coordinate Adobe projects in shared environments. EditShare also offers a depth of product that most products do not and their storage solutions give Flame Distribution a distributed file system and hardware redundancy ensuring the highest level of data protection. The EFS Native Client direct connectivity also delivers increased performance for us.”

So, all in all an impressive endorsement of EditShare and its storage solution according to Jason Lee who added one last thing in conclusion saying, “I must also mention that Digistor’s sales, service and support is perfect. They listened carefully to our requirements and came up with a solution that works well. The product knowledge of the sales team and their recommendations were spot on. Their customer service is excellent too. I would highly recommend them.”


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