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Foxtel Continues Channel Refresh with FOX SLEUTH and FOX SCI FI

Foxtel has announced a further step in its major refresh of Entertainment and Movies channels with the December 17 launch of two new FOX-branded Entertainment channels – FOX SLEUTH and FOX SCI FI.

The announcement of the new, exclusive to Foxtel channels was made at tonight’s red-carpet event to mark the premiere of Foxtel’s new Entertainment and Movies line-up attended by Hollywood superstar John Travolta together with Australian actors Liana Cornell star of Britannia and David Berry from Outlander.

The announcement of the two new Foxtel channels follows today’s joint announcement with NBCU of a new multi-year content agreement which includes key scripted content for Foxtel’s suite of FOX-branded channels.

FOX SLEUTH celebrates the murder mystery genre by presenting beloved and iconic characters including classic whodunnit series Vera, Endeavour, Murder She Wrote, Murdoch Mysteries, Poirot and Magnum P.I..

FOX SCI FI is the doorway to non-stop supernatural, paranormal and science fiction programming including Heroes, the original Charmed, Battlestar Galactica, the Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

FOX SLEUTH and FOX SCI FI add to Foxtel’s seven new and existing FOX-branded entertainment channels: FOX ONE, FOX FUNNY, FOX H!TS and FOX CRIME which aired for the first time today, as well as established favourites FOX SHOWCASE, FOX8 and FOX CLASSICS.

Foxtel Executive Director Television Brian Walsh said: “The launch of the FOX SLEUTH and FOX SCI FI channels in December completes a major refresh of our Entertainment and Movies line-up providing Foxtel viewers with the best of TV and on demand for summer.

“The all-new line-up creates a distinct group of channel propositions and personalities that make Foxtel more accessible for viewers and provide us with more supplier flexibility to bring the world’s best content to our customers. They also strengthen our long association with the FOX television brand and confirm Foxtel as the brand’s exclusive home in Australia.

“FOX SLEUTH will be the home of the classic whodunnit, appealing to the armchair detective in us all. The channel will feature authentic, sometimes playful characters such as Vera’s DCI Vera Stanhope played by Brenda Blethyn and Poirot starring David Suchet, all much loved by murder mystery fans particularly women.

“FOX SCI FI provides the best in science fiction and supernatural TV and is designed to appeal to the entire family with strong characters and storylines driving the mysterious, cheeky personality of the channel.

Foxtel’s refreshed line-up also extends to Foxtel Movies channels with 11 dedicated movie channels including a new family movie channel Foxtel Movies Kids, Foxtel Movies Ultra HD channel and over 1,000 movies which will continue to be available to stream on demand.

To mark John Travolta’s appearance to launch Foxtel’s new Movies line up tonight, Foxtel will also feature a John Travolta pop-up movie channel over three next three days to watch live or on demand all the Hollywood star’s most loved movies including Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Face/Off, Primary Colors and The Taking of Pelham, 1, 2, 3.

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