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Foxtel Group’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

The Foxtel Group has released its 2021-2023 Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan based on a vision to showcase the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and help shape a national culture that values respect, equality and equity for First Nations peoples.

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) sets out a series of practical actions that support Reconciliation Australia’s three pillars of Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

Key commitments in the Foxtel Group’s RAP include:

  • Increasing and showcasing First Nations talent and improving the consistency of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programming across all platforms.
  • Developing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content strategy, including the incorporation of cultural protocols into Foxtel original content across entertainment and sports.
  • Providing cultural learning and immersion opportunities for employees and talent.
  • Improving employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through a renewed focus on recruitment, retention, and professional development.

Patrick Delany, Foxtel Group CEO, said, “Our vision for reconciliation is based on a core belief in the importance of diverse voices to our business, our subscribers and employees.

“Our purpose is to share stories that entertain, inspire and inform Australians through movies, drama, lifestyle, news and sport. It gives us a unique opportunity and responsibility to connect our four million Australian subscribers to First Nations stories and the incredible talent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander actors, athletes and presenters.

“This RAP sees the Foxtel Group renew its commitment to reconciliation after a period of significant change in our business. The initiatives set out in the plan outline how we will use our influence to amplify First Nations voices across our platforms through our storytelling, the passion of our people and the growing scale of our business.

Karen Mundine, Reconciliation Australia CEO, said: “This Innovate RAP is an opportunity for Foxtel to strengthen relationships, gain crucial experience, and nurture connections that will become the lifeblood of its future RAP commitments. By enabling and empowering staff to contribute to this process, Foxtel will ensure shared and cooperative success in the longterm.”

A short video featuring Fox Sports First Nations personalities and employees – Jake Duke, Hannah Hollis, Nick Morrison, Tony Armstrong and Eddie Betts discussing reconciliation can be found here. The Foxtel Group’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan is available here.


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