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FUJIFILM Australia Joins ABE

FUJIFILM Australia has joined ABE, the world class media and entertainment industry association and will be exhibiting at their bi-annual ABE event from the 9th to the 11th of August at Doltone house in Sydney.

At ABE 2022 FUJIFILM will be showing its comprehensive range of optical devices from large to super small aperture lenses, including lenses for 8K and 4K high-definition broadcasting, interchangeable lenses for digital cameras and cine lenses that are beloved by professional creators all over the world. There will also be hands-on demonstrations of the very latest products including the full range of award-winning FUJINON Premista large format lenses.

FUJIFILM Australia General Manager – Recording Media, Optical Devices, Industrial Products and Life Sciences, Marc Van Agten, explained, “With being able to attend the larger overseas trade shows currently in limbo, there is a real need for a quality local show where manufacturers can demo their latest products and network with the entire industry. Put simply ABE is that show. It is a well targeted and marketed event with high quality conference content. In comparison to other events ABE in particular also represents great value for money as the show is very much about the networking, building relationships and being able to demonstrate the latest in technology without breaking the bank. The attendees are plentiful and of a very high calibre and there just isn’t another local show that rivals it.”

FUJIFILM will also be showcasing their wide range of recording media products including the very latest LTO-9 data cartridge at ABE 2022.

Van Agten added, “The lenses we will be demonstrating, including the Premistas, are arguably the best in the world. As far as recording media products are concerned, we will be demonstrating products including magnetic LTO tapes capable of extremely large capacity, for the recording, management and storage of massive amounts of data. The LTO tape is just one of our solutions to customers’ data challenges.”

The move to join ABE is a solid and strategic one for FUJIFILM as Marc Van Agten concluded, “FUJIFILM will be demonstrating our very latest and best technology and solutions at ABE 2022 and making the very most of the networking functions, so we encourage anyone interested in broadcast and cine lenses and recording media to join us there. It will be the local show of the year.”

There will be a pre-ABE cocktail function at Luna Park in April and a drinks, cocktail and networking function during ABE itself at Doltone House.


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