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Monday, July 22, 2024

GameQoo IndiHome TV can be Accessed Throughout Indonesia

IndiHome, a remarkable fixed broadband service owned by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) is back with a solution for customers. This time, a cloud-computing-based game platform called GameQoo has expanded its reach. Previously, GameQoo could only be accessed in Java, Bali, and Madura, now it can be enjoyed throughout Indonesia.

To enjoy GameQoo, customers need to have an IndiHome Set-Top Box (STB) which can allow four players playing on one device. Furthermore, to use it on TV, the customers need to download the GameQoo app on the Usee App Store from STB IndiHome TV and then click subscribe and play.

As for access on a PC, customers only need to access website and register with an IndiHome account, then install the driver and subscribe. They can experience and enjoy a new way of playing great quality games on TV and PC through GameQoo cloud gaming as it is easy and cheap.

To make the games on GameQoo more exciting, users can add a gamepad and no longer need to install the games on their TV or PC. In addition, the servers used by GameQoo are in Indonesia, so users can simply access the games just like they are streaming a TV show with a lower latency rate and the access is much more responsive.

“The GameQoo platform also has other advantages such as not requiring a large connection to enjoy the existing games smoothly. Having a stable IndiHome internet connection with a speed of around 20 Mbps is more than enough. It is just getting better that the games do not need a large amount of memory because all the game progress is stored in the cloud,” explains E. Kurniawan, Telkom VP Marketing Management (Monday, 19/7).

In the early stages, GameQoo provides more than 100 popular game titles from world-renowned game publishers, like Disney, Codemaster, Plug In Digital, which has given birth to quality AAA games. This game will continue to grow every month, and there will be loads of other game updates coming.

IndiHome customers can enjoy GameQoo’s cloud gaming service at an affordable price of IDR 99,000 per month. During the promotion period, GameQoo provides a waiver of 1-month subscription fee for all new users to access GameQoo

With this active GameQoo subscription, the gaming experience becomes easier without assembling a gaming PC with over 100 games. The costs incurred are also cheaper, without having to spend around IDR 15,000,000 to be able to play the game.

“In addition to providing convenience in playing, all game graphics processing are performed on the server. So, customers can play games using any type of TV and any kind of device via a web browser, and can also play games on GameQoo without having to sacrifice graphic quality,” explained E. Kurniawan, VP Management Marketing Telkom.

According to E. Kurniawan, world’s console manufacturers are developing their game strategies towards cloud-based games. So consoles and physical devices may be abandoned and consumers move to cloud gaming. GameQoo is a solution for gamers as well as game producers to develop innovations with IndiHome.


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