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Monday, June 17, 2024

Global Investment Service Provider Picks ATG Danmon for Singapore Media Facility

ATG Danmon has announced the completion of a television production system for the Singapore branch of a US-based financial services corporation. The new facility is being used to expand the organisation’s visibility through social media, online podcasting and participation in finance-related broadcast television programmes. It has also been deployed for audiovisual communication between the group’s various premises around the world.

“This project is the most recent in a series of studio facilities which we have designed, equipped and integrated over several years for this customer in the UK, mainland Europe and Asia,” comments Paul Shonfeld, Head of Sales at ATG Danmon. “Operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness are a core feature, using internet-based connectivity to integrate the corporation’s staff into a united team regardless of their geographical location. We have decades of experience in designing and building media solutions that are reliable, easy to use, space-efficient and affordable.

“The investment group has achieved great success reaching out to existing and potential customers around the globe via TV and telco channels rather than relying on old-style high-cost print and paper. Its media skills extend beyond studio activity to mobile production, promoting the organisation’s awareness in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability. The rewards in terms of ROI are huge, allowing the organisation to make full use of the World Wide Web as well as participating in finance-related broadcast television programmes.

“This partnership has leveraged our proven ability to deliver broadcast-quality solutions at very affordable prices. A core feature of the new Singapore facility is internet-based connectivity which allows production control and monitoring to be performed in the studio itself or remotely from practically any desired location. The customer has always been pleased with the systems we have integrated, from initial design right through to post-installation technical and operational support.”

“We configured the Singapore hub so that it could televise a presenter and guests,” adds Jonathan Hughes, ATG Danmon Managing Director. “Feeds from remotely linked guests using channels such as Skype and Zoom can also be monitored and selectively accessed. For this new system, we proposed a solution including a remotely controllable camera with pan/tilt/zoom on motorised height-adjustable column. The camera faces a virtual studio set allowing any required scenery to be placed in the background. Also integrated are lighting, teleprompt and audio.

“Following discussions with the customer’s head of studios in London, we recommended a system based on the remote-contribution model which has long been standard broadcast practice. This provides full support for bidirectional IP connectivity between the various hubs. NDI is used to send pan/tilt/zoom/focus camera control data as well as tally signals to the remote cameras and bring video back into the production gallery. A highly efficient solution, it carries a large amount of information over a VPN connection.”


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