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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Globecast Distributes Euronews English HD in Asia and Oceania

Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has announced that long-term customer Euronews has selected the company to provide distribution services for the launch of its new HD version of Euronews English HD, covering Asia and Oceania.

Yann Madeleine, Globecast, said, “We’ve worked with Euronews for many years, providing a wide range of services to deliver its channels to its affiliates using public internet (Globecast XN), fibre (Globecast BN) and satellite to reach several hundred Euronews partners across five continents. We have developed a strong understanding of its business and have worked closely with their team to create services tailored precisely to their needs.”

Euronews has taken the decision to increase viewer value by launching this HD variant across Asia and Oceania, having already had a Globecast-delivered SD feed across the regions for several years. Globecast is acquiring the signal from Euronews’ HQ in Lyon, France, in IP over fibre. It is then fed into the company’s international Globecast BN fibre network to reach the Jordan Media Center in Amman. There it’s uplinked at the teleport to Asiasat 5. During the course of the contract, Globecast will also add Viaccess PC6.0 encryption to the signal, at a time of Euronews’ choosing, with cards also supplied.

François Schmitt, Euronews, said, “We want to increase the value to our broadcasters and viewers right across Asia and Oceania, while being able to do so in the most efficient way. We believe the upgrade to HD will significantly enhance viewer enjoyment and allow Euronews to target new platforms and audiences in the region. Globecast, once again, is able to provide us with the flexibility we need at a realistic price point. We look forward to the continuation of our relationship.”

Euronews is an international news corporation providing news with a European perspective to a worldwide audience since 1993, in 12 languages through linear channels as well as nonlinear, online, mobile and digital services in over 160 countries.

Madeleine added, “We are pleased that Euronews has decided to extend our relationship with this launch. We worked hard to provide the technical flexibility required, using a service environment with which Euronews is already familiar, as well as delivering an encryption upgrade path. We achieved this at a price point that Euronews is happy with too, while also guaranteeing service quality, both of which are vital in today’s highly competitive market.”


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