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Monday, July 22, 2024

Goldenduck Debuts Clear-Com Arcadia Central Station in Thailand with Lightsource and Creative Rock

Since its establishment in 1978, Goldenduck Group has been Southeast Asia’s leading systems integrator, consistently introducing new digital cinema and broadcast technologies to meet the increasing demand from clients such as Lightsource and Creative Rock.

Lightsource recently deployed a Clear-Com system, which includes the FreeSpeak II digital wireless system and Arcadia Central Station. This decision was based on multiple factors including the ubiquity of Clear-Com in the intercom market and the ability to utilise FreeSpeak II and Arcadia in a wide range of applications, says Thantaphat Chompoophol, CEO of Lightsource.

“FreeSpeak II and Arcadia are well-known systems and with Clear-Com’s strong branding and high-quality product, it was the best choice. We can now add the service of show cue communication to support our clients, and the clients also have the advantage of using us to service all of their event production needs easily.”

FreeSpeak II digital wireless intercom and the Arcadia Central Station allow both Lightsource and Creative Rock to better meet their customer’s evolving needs while ensuring those projects and events run more smoothly.

“The system makes our life easier when we specify it for a show,” says Wikran Maneesri, managing director/technical consultant for Creative Rock. “The client is always happy to go with it. The quality, flexibility, and capabilities of FreeSpeak II and Arcadia are widely known by users, especially those with high technical knowledge, which helps make clients feel more confident working with us.”

Brokered on the heels of the 2023 InfoComm Southeast Asia show in Bangkok, these are the first sales of Arcadia in Thailand, and both companies have already deployed the systems. Training on the systems recently concluded, and Lightsource has since utilised Arcadia and FreeSpeak II in several projects, including at a fan meeting event featuring South Korean singer and member of K-pop band EXO at Paragon Hall and Japan’s “1 OK Rock” at Impact Arena.

Creative Rock has also found success with its new intercom systems.

“We have started using the system, and it has worked very well,” Maneesri notes, adding that Creative Rock looks forward to deploying Arcadia and FreeSpeak II for an upcoming large-scale project for a Swiss client in early 2024. Creative Rock is considering augmenting their inventory with additional Clear-Com equipment soon.

“The systems are comfortable to use, easy to control and configure for communications in various platforms,” Maneesri continues, “and, of course, the strong RF signal and overall quality will make our clients very confident in communication and service, too.”

Lightsource looks forward to working with Goldenduck and Clear-Com in the future.

“FreeSpeak II and Arcadia are our newest and only communication systems from Clear-Com. In the future, we may buy more items and accessories to support the number of users we have,” Chompoophol says. “We are also very happy with the support we got from Golden Duck.”

That feeling is mutual, concludes a representative from Goldenduck: “We would like to thank Lightsource and Creative Rock very much for choosing Clear-Com and Goldenduck to support you. We are pleased to work and support your team.”


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