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Friday, May 31, 2024

Govt Takes on Techtel’s inflo

An Australian mainland State Parliament has initiated a five-year agreement with Techtel to provide inflo software to record all broadcast video and audio of parliamentary proceedings throughout both debating chambers and 6 committee meeting rooms. Using the browser -based inflo software, the parliament will be able to provide access to both historical and future content recordings to Parliamentary Staff, Sitting Members and external users such as Journalists who can search, browse and download content as required.

The agreement which sees the platform being launched in mid-2023 integrating features that are highly desirable throughout the Parliamentary Broadcast Community. Features such as browser-based editing, multi-user credential access and Hansard Metadata integration are but a few of the intuitive features forming part of the delivered solution.

Techtel’s product manager for inflo, Matthew Hall commented, “Techtel has had a strong focus on Parliamentary production systems so we felt we had an unprecedented level of understanding about their needs which lead to the unique solution we proposed. As part of this project we are really excited to implement some really innovative new features for inflo™ and the end result is going to be a great system for the Parliament, designed, built and supported in Australia, by an Australian Company.”


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