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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Hemisphere Invests in Building Technology on Linius Video Services

 Linius Technologies Limited has entered into an agreement with systems integrator, Hemisphere, which will develop and launch a mass market Search and Assembly Application on Linius’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Linius Video Services (LVS).

Linius has previously stated that one of its LVS marketing campaign objectives is to encourage “developer communities to actively engage in building new video solutions”.

Hemisphere Managing Director, Glyn Beaumont, said, “We have worked almost exclusively in the video space for the last 15 years, delivering system integration services for clients such as Disney, Comcast, NewsCorp, NBC Universal and CNN.

“We believe that Linius’ virtualisation technology can create incredible value throughout the video workflow. As a result, we have decided to augment Hemisphere’s business model and build products on LVS that can be marketed to the world. We believe in the disruptive power of Linius’ virtual video technology, and want to be a part of it.”

The new ‘plug and play’ Search and Assembly Application, which will be made available to the world on LVS, enables any organisation to quickly deploy Linius’ video search and assembly services.

With a set of simple instructions and code snippet, clients will be able to embed the full capability on their website or mobile app – with no development or Linius resources required – in as little as an hour.

Clients will be able to:

  • Generate more, and higher quality, video experiences for their customers.
  • Increase monetisation by generating additional subscription and / or advertising revenues.
  • Monetise dormant archival content.
  • Increase the value of their content using Linius Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.
  • Differentiate their video assets with this pioneering capability.
  • Deploy the application themselves.
  • Re-skin the application to match their own branding.

Viewers will be able to:

  • Immediately discover the content they want to watch.
  • Search across client’s available video content, instantly assembling the part, or parts, relevant to them.
  • Search by key words, topics and AI-driven facial recognition.
  • Immediately watch a unique, personalised video based on chosen criteria.
  • Create, edit and re-sequence their search results to create personalised playlists.
  • Share their personalised videos.

Once deployed, Linius will target video-rich markets, including the Sports, News, Corporate Communications, Education and Gambling sectors. As the application is self deployable, Linius can market the service globally without the need for resources on the ground.

Linius will generate revenue from the Search and Assembly Application, through its existing SaaS pricing model, essentially every time someone uses the product to watch a video.

“This is about mass marketing,” said Linius CEO, Chris Richardson. “We have provided a unique capability, empowering users to search within videos and only watch the segments they want to watch. This new solution takes proven functionality from our current deployments and makes it easily and immediately available to any organisation with a video catalogue.

“Whilst by no means representing our full capabilities in video hyper-personalisation, this application gives potential clients an easy starting point that will create significant value fast.”

Hemisphere will invest in the development and maintenance of the solution. In return, Hemisphere has agreed to receive a 20 percent share of transaction revenue, earned by Linius or its affiliates, in connection with the use of the Search and Assembly Application.


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