Wednesday, April 17, 2024

High Court of Australia Rules Google is not a Publisher

Australia’s High Court has ruled that Google is not a publisher. Delivered recently, the judgement – which legal experts say could hold significant ramifications for the general public – means that the company is not responsible for defamatory news articles.

“In reality, a hyperlink is merely a tool which enables a person to navigate to another webpage,” a joint statement by Chief Justice Susan Kiefel and Justice Jacqueline Gleeson said.

Also interesting is that a significant part of the ruling centred around commercial matters: ‘…that Google tailors its search engine system in that way is unsurprising. It is Google’s business model – it “has a commercial interest in providing a quality service with responsive search results” said the court.

Conde’s VP of New Business Innovation on the challenges – and opportunities – of Web3

One company I would argue definitely was a publisher (although one struggles to keep up with the exact definitions these days) is Conde Nast, who this week give us their exclusive insights into the mainstreaming of Web3. 

“The way we see it is, if people will be spending more time – and engaging more – in this space, and using this platform to express themselves,” says Ciara Byrne, Vice President of New Business Innovation for the company, “then how are our brands relevant in this world? So it’s not exactly like we’re going all in, but I think it’s the responsibility of any company to be looking at what could be coming down the line, and starting to see how their brands could be relevant in that space.” 


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