Thursday, May 23, 2024

HK Comms Authority Revokes TTV Asia Licence

The Hong Kong Communications Authority (CA) has revoked the “other licensable television programme service licence” of TTV Asia Limited (TTV) for TTV’s failure to pay the variable fee of the licence for the licence year 2020-21.

TTV was granted a 12-year licence in February 2011 for provision of television programme service to hotel rooms in Hong Kong. TTV is required to pay to the CA an annual licence fee, including a variable fee component relating to the number of hotels to which TTV provides its service.

Despite repeated reminders, TTV has to date failed to pay the variable fee. Taking into account the circumstances of the case, the CA decided that TTV’s licence should be revoked. Under the ruling, TTV shall not provide any television programme services to hotels in Hong Kong with effect from 19 March 2021.


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