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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

HK Regulator Unveils 2022-24 Spectrum Release Plan

Hong Kong regulator OFCA has unvveiled its Spectrum Release Plan (SRP) for 2022-24. The SRP is updated every year on a rolling basis, or as required, taking into account the latest developments. Spectrum in the SRP may be made available for use by the industry through open bidding, tendering process or other appropriate means.

This latest SRP includes re-assignment of spectrum for provision of mobile services upon expiry of existing assignments, as well as the assignment of new
spectrum for provision of mobile/wireless fixed services.

Notable in the category of Spectrum Under Reserve is Channel 11C (219.584 – 221.120 MHz) which was previousy used for Digital Audio Broadcasting services. According to OFCA, Channel 11A to 11D (216 – 223 MHz) may be used for new digital broadcasting and telecommunications services, including broadcast-type mobile TV services. The spectrum band 1466 – 1480 MHz has also been set aside for the same purpose. Other frequencies in this category include relinquished 3G spectrum.

The full Spectrum Release Plan 2022-24 can be found at

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