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HK TV International Media Group Seeks Licence Renewal

Hong Kong’s Communications Authority has announced it has received an application from Hong Kong TV International Media Group Limited (HKTVIM) for renewal of its non-domestic television programme service licence for a term of 12 years.

HKTVIM was incorporated in Hong Kong on 19 December 2008. It provides a non-domestic television programme service comprising six television programme channels broadcast 24 hours a day. These programme channels, namely, HKSTV (香港衛視綜合頻道), HKSTV-2 (香港衛視綜藝頻道), HKSTV Travel Channel (香港衛視旅遊頻道), HKS Style (香港衛視時尚頻道), HKS Finance (香港衛視財經頻道) and HKS International (香港衛視國際頻道), are mainly broadcast in Putonghua (Mandarin) with a variety of self-produced and acquired programmes on news, feature programmes, general entertainment, TV drama, etc.

The service targets audiences in the Asia-Pacific region and the Mainland China and does
not primarily target Hong Kong. HKTVIM uplinks its service from Hong Kong to the satellite Apstar-6C. The service footprint covers the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and Hawaii of the USA.

The company’s current 12-year licence will expire on 18 March 2023. The HK Communications Authority is inviting members of the public to provide views or comments on HKTVIM’s application in writing on or before 2 October 2022.


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