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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

HK’s Communications Authority Consults on APT Satellite TV

Hong Kong’s Communications Authority has announced a public consultation period following an application from APT Satellite TV Development Limited (APTTV) to renew its non-domestic television programme service licence for a term of 12 years. The current 12-year licence of APTTV will expire on 26 February 2022.

APTTV was incorporated in Hong Kong on 9 May 1997. It is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of APT Satellite Holdings Limited which is a publicly listed company in Hong Kong under the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 1045). APTTV submits that it has substantial experience in operating non-domestic television programme service. 

APTTV submits to provide a non-domestic television programme service comprising not less than 41 satellite TV channels operating 24 hours a day. The service targets audiences in Asia, China, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Australia, and will not primarily target Hong Kong. A variety of programmes including news, drama, variety shows, movies, entertainment, fashions, educational, lifestyle, travel, sports, food and cooking, science and technology, documentary, infotainment, agricultural, business and wild-life will be provided. These programmes are mainly sourced from China, India, Pakistan, Middle East, Indonesia, United States and other Asian countries.

The service is proposed to be uplinked from Hong Kong to the satellites Apstar-5C, Apstar-6C, Apstar-7 and Apstar-9. The service footprint covers Asia, China, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Australia.

The HKCA has called for members of the public to provide views or comments on APTTV’s application on or before 17 December 2020.


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