Tuesday, April 23, 2024

HK’s Fantastic TV Granted Additional Over-the-Air Transmission

Hong Kong’s Fantastic Television Limited (Fantastic TV) has welcomed an announcement from the HK Communications Authority formally approving Fantastic TV’s application to use radio spectrum as an additional transmission means.

To uphold its purpose of providing television service to the community, Fantastic TV says it will actively make the necessary arrangements to prepare for the use of spectrum for transmission of programmes on the existing Channel 77 Hong Kong Open TV and Channel 76 Hong Kong International Business Channel. Fantastic TV will launch an additional TV programme channel via spectrum, as well via fixed network, to viewers within nine months from the grant of formal approval (i.e. by 24 November 2022). Fantastic TV says it will “produce more high quality programmes in order to serve a larger television audience via spectrum and provide additional programme choices to more households.”

As well as using spectrum as a transmission means, Fantastic TV will continue the use of the fixed network in delivering its television programmes.

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