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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Hong Kong Broadcaster TVB Bridges East and West – Producing English Content

In an unprecedented move, Hong Kong’s biggest television broadcaster, TVB, is creating original English content on its myTV Super streaming platform. Its first show, Cross My Mind, is an international collaboration with Wong Fu Productions (WFP), a YouTube sensation and a forerunner in Asian representation. This partnership has excited generations of Chinese people who grew up with TVB and the millions of subscribers who have followed WFP throughout their lives. Together, this represents the ultimate in Asian storytelling, galvanising the global community to share in our collective story.

As myTV Super serves the local market in Hong Kong, the company is looking to other streaming platforms for release in international territories.

Cross My Mind is a six-part series that tells a story about two people on opposite sides of the world, an aspiring music producer in Los Angeles and a burdened advertising agency executive in Hong Kong, inexplicably connected after witnessing a cosmic phenomenon. With each other’s voices in their head, the pair learn to navigate through their personal struggles respectively and simultaneously. This story examines a plethora of themes from cultural differences to mental health, friendship to love, and everything in between.

The ensemble was put together by an open global casting call with cameos made by rapper MC Jin, social media starlet Grace Chan, and feng shui master Mak Ling Ling, among others.

Recognising an underserved market and understanding the frustrations of Asian talent lacking opportunities in mainstream entertainment, myTV Super’s Head of Original Content Lincoln Lam and Creative Director for English Content Thomas Lo have established new operations in an effort to bridge the East and West. “There are generations of people who have grown up with or exposed to TVB content; the brand holds nostalgic value to many around the world. But because this group of audiences have lost touch with their native tongue and culture, we should leverage this opportunity to reconnect them through content that speaks to them, in English”, says Lam.

“For us, it’s imperative to solicit and encourage collaborations like this one with Wong Fu Productions. It gives us, as a brand, an opportunity to be seen in a different light, promote creators of Asian descent with bigger projects and access to our global reach and resources, but most importantly, be able to tell authentic Asian stories from our respective perspectives”, adds Lo.

On the magnitude of this project, WFP co-founder Wesley Chan says, “An international collaboration like this was totally unexpected – and beyond challenging in every phase of production. But I knew this was an opportunity to push our storytelling to a whole new level and create something truly unique.”

What’s more, the myTV Super Original team is hoping to collaborate with the likes of Michelle Yeoh, Jimmy O. Yang, Daniel Wu, and Lulu Wang, among other prominent and developing talents who are also looking to push Asian representation.

Rex Ching, President of myTV Super is spearheading the original content production division to seek novel opportunities for content creation by leveraging diverse collaborations and strategic alliances, with the guidance and full support of Executive Chairman Thomas Hui and General Manager Eric Tsang Chi Wai.

Offering a new platform for talent both behind and in front of the camera to hone their skills and contribute to quality content, this initiative has been in the works for nearly two years, building myTV Super into a hub for more English content with Asians at the fore.


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