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Hong Kong Switching Off 2G Services in September

Hong Kong’s Communications Authority is urging consumers to upgrade their mobile phones as the SAR nears the end of 2G services.

2G services in Hong Kong are currently provided to consumers using spectrum in the 1800 MHz band. The spectrum was assigned to mobile network operators (MNOs) for a fixed term of 15 years which will expire in end September 2021 and part of the spectrum will change hand upon re-assignment.

Individual MNOs may refarm part of the assigned frequency spectrum in the 1800 MHz band during the aforementioned spectrum re-assignment with a view to the provision of more advanced mobile services. With less spectrum deployed for 2G networks, MNOs may gradually scale down or cease their provision of 2G services.

Having considered the application of Hutchison Telephone Company Limited (Hutchison), the Communications Authority (CA) has granted prior consent to Hutchison to cease the provision of all its 2G services starting from 30 September 2021. 

According to OFCA, “Mobile technologies have been evolving rapidly over the past decades. With the launch of the fifth generation mobile services since April 2020 and the continuous migration of 2G customers to higher generation of mobile services, some other MNO(s) may, subject to market considerations, cease their provision of 2G services entirely some time in future in order to redeploy the spectrum concerned to provide more advanced and innovative mobile services to customers.

“If 2G service subscribers or customers using 2G mobile devices have any enquiries about the 2G services they are currently using, they are strongly advised to contact their service providers for information, and to consider upgrading their service plans and mobile devices as early as possible in order to enjoy more advanced and innovative functions and features available from newer generation of mobile services.”


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