Thursday, February 22, 2024

Hong Kong’s CABLE TV Expands i-CABLE Mobile OTT Service

Hong Kong’s CABLE TV has introduced an enhanced version of its mobile application, i-CABLE Mobile, by adding two free television channels – Hong Kong Open TV (Channel 77) and Hong Kong International Business Channel (Channel 76), providing a total of 12 live channels. In addition, a wider range of content, including free and paid content, is available on-demand. While compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, viewers can watch their favourite programmes at all times on-the-go.

i-CABLE Mobile is an all-in-one mobile application integrating both free and paid channels, self-produced and acquired programmes of the Group. The newly created on-demand menu, Let’s Open TV, offers viewers with over a thousand episodes, ad-free news and finance features, travelogues, entertainment and lifestyle programmes, and Asian hottest dramas. Designated CABLE TV subscribers can also enjoy premium content encompassing international sports events, horse-racing programmes and betting information, such as The UEFA Champions League, The UEFA Europa League and J-League, etc. New programmes are uploaded 24 hours after broadcast, bringing unrivalled excitement to viewers.

A lineup of self-produced programmes includes: “Undercover Tour” and “Undercover Tour 2.0”, Hong Kong Open TV’s signature travelogues starring Jiro Lee and Aiyana Lo, “Dog Alchemist” and “The Canine Coach Season II”, animal behaviour programmes starring famous dog trainer Eric Ko and Omi Kwong; acquired programmes include “Touch Your Heart”, a romantic Korean series starring Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na, “Mother”, a touching drama starring award-winning actress Heo Yool and Lee Bo-young, etc. Viewers can watch all of their favourite programmes on-demand on either smartphones or tablets round-the-clock.

Mr Shuen Wai Hung, Senior Vice President, Consumer Sales and Services of Hong Kong Cable Television Limited said, “CABLE TV is committed to providing quality OTT (over-the-top) service to the public. With the paradigm shift in viewer’s demands and habits, we strategically integrate content of top-notched entertainment programmes and variety shows on our OTT platform so as to give viewers greater flexibility to select their personalised content. We aim at developing a platform to provide comprehensive entertainment, variety and informative content.”


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