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Monday, June 24, 2024

Hong Kong’s HOY TV Gears Up for 2024 Paris Olympics

HOY TV, a part of Hong Kong’s Cable Broadband Group, will fully broadcast the 2024 Paris Olympic Games across its three TV channels. A star-studded line-up of Olympic commentators and hosts has been announced and a series of pre-event programmes will provide the updates both inside and outside the Olympic venues, encouraging the entire city to support Hong Kong, which still competes in the Olympics independently of mainland China.

With just over two months remaining until the opening of the 2024 Paris Olympics, Cable Broadband Communications Limited (Cable Broadband Group) held a grand ceremony to announce that its three TV channels: HOY International Finance Channel (Channel 76), HOY TV (Channel 77), and HOY Information Channel (Channel 78) will fully broadcast the Olympics.

The ceremony was officiated by Mr. Kevin Yeung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Hong Kong SAR Government; Mr. Lin Shan, Deputy Director of the Publicity, Cultural and Sports Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong SAR; Mr. Timothy Fok, GBS, JP, President of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China; Mr. Alex Tsang, BBS, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Cable Broadband Communications Limited, along with the management team of the Cable Broadband Group.

Mr. Kevin Yeung, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, said in his speech, “We are grateful to HOY TV, RTHK, and the other two commercial broadcasting organisations holding free TV licences in Hong Kong for collaborating with the SAR Government to use the broadcast rights purchased by the government to arrange TV broadcasts of the events. This includes airing all the Olympic events in which Hong Kong athletes compete, allowing the entire Hong Kong community to cheer for both the national and Hong Kong teams. This partnership addresses the enthusiastic expectations of Hong Kong society. We hope this collaboration can create a multiplier effect, fostering social cohesion and stimulating economic activity.”

Mr. Timothy Fok, President of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, stated, “Cable Broadband Group has extensive experience in broadcasting major international events, with professional commentary that has been consistently well-received. Through various platforms, Cable Broadband will once again provide professional live broadcasts, allowing more viewers to experience the joy and positive energy brought by the Olympics.”

Mr. Alex Tsang, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Cable Broadband Communications Limited, commented, “Our three TV channels, mobile applications, and social media platforms will fully broadcast the exciting Olympic events. As always, a team of seasoned sports programme hosts, project experts, and former or current athletes will provide commentary, continuing to offer the audience the most professional and comprehensive Olympic TV programmes. HOY TV will broadcast over 13 hours of live or recorded Olympic events daily from 3 PM, capturing the athletes’ performances and the exhilarating atmosphere of this international sports event. The group will also produce highlights and reports on various Olympic events to meet the audience’s needs.”

In addition to veteran athletes such as Wong Kam Po (cycling), Lee Wai Sze (cycling), and Yip Pui Yin (badminton), current athletes including Cheung Ka Long (fencing), Chang Hiu Fung (fencing), Angus Ng Ka Long (badminton), and Yiu Kam Shing (rugby sevens) will be making their debut as HOY TV Olympic commentators.

HOY TV will premiere various international events from during May, including the FIVB Women’s Volleyball Nations League, the FIVB Men’s Volleyball Nations League, Copa América, and the 2024 Paris Olympic Men’s Basketball Qualifying Tournament from 7 July.

A series of pre-Olympic programmes will immerse viewers in the Paris Olympic atmosphere. HOY TV has produced several pre-event programmes, including updates on the preparations of national and Hong Kong teams. From 27 May, HOY Information Channel (Channel 78) will air “The Olympics are Coming,” introducing the preparations for the Paris Olympics. From 28 May, HOY TV (Channel 77) will broadcast other pre-event programmes: “Destination Paris” (starting 28 May, 60 episodes), “HOY Olympic Action” (starting 15 June, 12 episodes), “Hong Kong Takes Off” (starting 7 July, 4 episodes), and “Paris Frontline” (starting 16 July, 7 episodes). HOY International Finance Channel (Channel 76) will also broadcast “Countdown to Paris” from 17 June, fully preparing for the Olympic event!

To stay updated with the latest Olympic news, HOY International Finance Channel (Channel 76) and HOY TV (Channel 77) will broadcast over 13 hours of live or recorded events daily from 3 PM; HOY Information Channel (Channel 78) will provide daily highlights and event reports from the morning, delivering the latest results to the audience. Additionally, the HOY mobile app will feature three live channels broadcasting various exciting events, with push notifications to inform the public of the latest results. The group is expected to invest over ten million in the entire Olympic broadcast and production, maintaining an objective, professional, and serious attitude in analysing and commenting on the events, and joining the audience in supporting the athletes.

The 2024 Paris Olympics will be held from 26 July to 11 August 2024, featuring 32 sports with a total of 329 events, including four new sports: skateboarding, climbing, surfing, and breakdancing, making their debut at the Paris Olympics. The three HOY TV channels and the HOY mobile app will fully broadcast or relay various events, closely following the latest developments and capturing the exciting moments on the field.


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