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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Hunan TV Selects Shotoku for State-of-the-Art News Studio

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a leading international provider of robotic and manual camera support solutions ranging from pan/tilt heads through fully robotic studio pedestals and floor or ceiling track systems, has announced that Hunan TV has installed a range of Shotoku systems in its recently opened 400m2 state-of-the-art news studio. Hunan TV, one of China’s leading free-to-air commercial satellite stations, upgraded the studio for 4K production and to be fully VR/AR ready.

The Shotoku systems used in the new studio include manual pedestals and pan and tilt heads, a VR crane and multiple fully robotic pedestals. The TK-38VR crane enables Hunan TV to achieve exceptional high-level, sweeping shots, which only a crane like the TK-38 can provide, and with the VR data output option the use of graphics integrated within the studio is seamless, even on the most dynamic of crane shots. Hunan TV has used Shotoku VR cranes in the past so it knew well that the performance and reliability of the system would suit both current and planned productions.

In addition to the crane, Hunan TV also uses three manually operated TP-200 studio pedestals along with the latest SG-900 heavy duty manual pan and tilt head. The TP-200/SG-900 combination enables the broadcaster to use full size camera configurations with studio box lenses to suit almost any type of production that may be required within the new studio.

Following a thorough evaluation process of possible solutions, Hunan TV choose two fully robotic SmartPedVR pedestals because of their stability, accuracy and performance on their existing floor and in a wide range of production conditions. Incorporating the SmartPed VRs into Hunan TV’s camera control configuration represents a key step for the channel because it previously stopped short of the move to fully robotic, X-Y roaming pedestals. Having substantial experience with remote camera systems previously, Hunan TV recognized that SmartPed could out-perform what had been formerly achieved including reliable and consistent results combined with the stability and smoothness of motion that their high-end production values demand. With VR data output, like the TK38VR crane, SmartPedVR provides accurate position information for use by the VR graphics system to integrate real-time graphics within on-air 3D camera transitions.

James Eddershaw, Managing Director, Shotoku says, “Hunan TV is the latest in a long line of Shotoku robotics installations in China and we’re proud that they selected our solutions for this state-of-the-art project. Their engineers were actively involved in the installation and commissioning alongside our dedicated robotics specialists who provided detailed operation and maintenance training so Hunan TV engineers could be confident in their abilities to operate and maintain the systems for years to come.”


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