Sunday, May 26, 2024

Indian Super League Soccer Boosts Fan Engagement with Tellyo

The Hero Indian Super League is India’s top tier football (soccer) league and was created to boost the popularity of the sport in India, a country that has traditionally been dominated by sports such as cricket and field hockey. With the league’s popularity growing and the number of competing clubs rising from eight to eleven, fan engagement has become a key focus for the league organisers and they recently turned to Tellyo and the Tellyo Pro solution to help optimise their social media content strategy.

Hosted in the cloud, Tellyo Proenables branded video clips, highlights and compilations to be created and published to channels simultaneously and instantly, from anywhere, all with one click.

“We needed a robust, efficient and cost effective media solution that would allow us to facilitate the dissemination of our match content across different social media platforms quickly,” notes a spokesperson for Football Sports Development Limited. “Tellyo Pro works like a dream within our existing workflow allowing the social team to access match content remotely from across the country.”

Tellyo CEO Richard Colins says he is delighted to add another prestigious name to the growing list of sports brands supported by the company.

“We know that huge investment has gone into the Indian Super League and it’s great to see the league owners placing so much emphasis on fan engagement. Tellyo is very proud to be helping power the 2021-2022 league season’s digital and social content strategy, and we look forward to an exciting competition with plenty of goals and drama.”


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