Monday, April 15, 2024

India’s Network18 Picks Grabyo for Social Media News Production

India’s Network18 Group has adopted cloud-based solutions and workflows for its content production and distribution which has helped the business to maintain its leadership amidst Covid impact. In line with the Cloud philosophy, its digital video production process has shifted to the cloud and on this they are partnering with Grabyo.

The media group is using Grabyo’s cloud video platform to evolve the way it produces and delivers digital news content to Indian consumers, streamlining its production workflows and increasing its speed to market.

There are over 400 million social media users across India, with a vast majority of Indian consumers using social media as their main source of news. Network18 has started to leverage Grabyo’s tools to deliver real-time, high-quality news content and position its social channels as primary destinations for news.

Network18’s digital news teams uses Grabyo’s platform to clip, edit and distribute video content from its large broadcast news channel feeds using just a laptop or PC, delivering clips in high-definition to multiple social and digital platforms simultaneously.

Network18 has more than 70 television channels in India and outside including strategic partnerships with globally reputed media players such as Viacom, CNBC, CNN, A+E Networks and Forbes. It is biggest News network in the country operating more than 20 News channels in different languages.

“We are always looking to innovate and adopt exciting solutions to gain efficiency in our workflows and are excited about partnering with Grabyo and growing the potential of our digital and social channels,” comments Rajesh Sharma, Vice President Tech & Ops, Network18. “Our mission is to provide a diverse range of media services to consumers and using Grabyo solution, we have been able to roll out an efficient, robust and scalable news offering across social media. Their approach to strengthen their cloud platform aligns with ours as we expand our digital presence and deliver the very best quality content to digital audiences everywhere.”

Grabyo’s cloud-based platform allows Network18’s content teams to work fully remotely and collaborate on content from anywhere in the world. Taking advantage of cloud technology in video production, Network18 will be able to flexibly scale its production and distribution to meet the changing demands of its audiences.

Network18 currently attracts over 700 million viewers on its TV channels and over 100 million digital viewers per month. By partnering with Grabyo it hopes to grow its digital presence to offer a meaningful multi-content offering to consumers.

“It’s a transformative time for media services in India and Network18 continues to expand and optimize its approach to audiences consuming content on multiple platforms,” adds Elliot Renton, EVP & Head of Asia Pacific at Grabyo. “With the growth of full-scale simultaneous online streaming by television stations and the rapid increase in live production and online distribution of video content in India, we are excited to deliver the benefits of our cloud technology to Network 18.”


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