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Indonesia Metaverse Collaboration Initiative Launched at MWC 2023 Barcelona

Indonesia has made a significant move towards becoming a major player in the global metaverse industry with the launch of its Indonesia Metaverse Collaboration Initiative on 1 March 2023, in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. The event was attended by a delegation of prominent organisation leaders, including the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Spain, Indonesia Ministry of ICT (Kominfo) as the representative of Indonesian Government, Telkom University, and group of industry leaders from GSMA, Telkom Indonesia, Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, XL Axiata, Smartfren, Alita, Techbros, Meta, and Telecom Infra Project.

This initiative is a national level collaboration that is significant for both national interests and stakeholders involved. For National benefit Metaverse has the potential to boost economic growth, advance education, foster innovation, and promote Indonesian national identity in the digital world. CSPs can collaborate with the community as co-creators. Researchers and academics can take on roles in innovation. For policymakers, this can help guide policy strategies. For the private sector, metaverse can enhance customer outreach and business development. And for users, it can help shape the direction of technology adoption and promote inclusive metaverse development.

The Metaverse Indonesia Collaborative Initiative will be carried out in the form of a program called the Metaverse Research and Experience Center (MREC), a public-private partnership that aims to promote collaboration, research, innovation and development in the field of metaverse technology. It will be a multi-year program with 4 workstreams; Network Baselining, Network Optimisation and Innovation, Use cases, and Ecosystem Support.

The Metaverse Research and Experience Centre (MREC) is expected to drive innovation and support the growth of the metaverse industry in Indonesia. This aligns with the national vision of President Jokowi to promote the digital economy as a crucial pillar to help Indonesia reach the top 10 global economies by 2030. Through this collaboration among industry leaders and the public sector, investment plans in Indonesia in the field of metaverse are expected to be facilitated, positioning the country as a leading hub for innovation in the digital economy.


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