Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Indonesian Police Stop Illegal Streaming of Vidio Sports Content

The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) and its anti-piracy arm, the Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), have joined with OTT operator Vidio in congratulating the West Java Regional Police for the arrest of an individual behind a major piracy operation in Indonesia.

Following a complaint by Vidio, on 16 October, the operator of the pirate sites PaseoTV and OkStream was arrested by West Java Regional Police. The sites were illegally streaming pirate content owned or licenced by Vidio, including the Premier League, Ligue Un and AFC. OkStream was one of the most popular pirate streaming sites in Indonesia, with millions of views every month. The owner and operator of the sites also operated a Telegram account that was used to share links to Paseo and OkStream sites. He now faces potential penalties of up to eight years in prison and a fine of up to two billion Rupiah (USD$126,000).

“Vidio has always been committed to being at the forefront of fighting piracy. Vidio’s piracy mitigation commitment requires collaboration not only with law enforcement and industry associations, but also cooperation with the public. Effective anti-piracy measures are critical for maintaining the integrity and sustainability of the content industry,” said Gina Golda Pangaila, Senior Vice President, Legal Anti-Piracy and Government Affairs, Vidio.

“Indonesia has one of the best site blocking programmes in Asia-Pacific. However, site blocking is not sufficient alone to protect content, and action by local enforcement teams remains a vital component in protecting both the local content industry and consumers who are increasingly being targeted by pirates for the spread of malware, viruses and identity theft,” said Matt Cheetham, the General Manager of CAP. “CAP’s research shows that social media and messaging platforms are the most popular forms of consumers accessing pirate content in Indonesia, and Telegram by some distance the most popular platform for this activity in Indonesia.”

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