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Friday, May 31, 2024

Indonesian Radio Station RRI PRO 1 Installs CAPITOL IP Console

Radio Republic Indonesia (known by its acronym RRI) is Indonesia’s national public broadcaster. RRI was founded in 1945 and currently has four main channels called RRI1, RR2, RR3 and RR4 and an international channel known as Voice of Indonesia.

Traditionally RRI has worked with analogue material, but the regional management of the station has decided to modernise its main studio in the city of Banten with digital technology and has decided to use the AEQ CAPITOL IP console as the heart of the system.

In the choice of such an important equipment, the characteristics of the installation and the operators, they were looking for an equipment that would offer the maximum audio quality with the latest digital technology available, but always guaranteeing a very user-friendly operation.

AEQ CAPITOL IP is an eight-channel fixed configuration digital audio mixing console. In CAPITOL IP the implementation of IP connectivity is based on a single module of 16 input and 16 output channels, incorporated in its core. One of the main qualities of AEQ CAPITOL IP is the wide input capacity available: four mic/line, 12 analogue, four digital stereo AES/EBU (AES3), two digital stereo USB, two optional telephone lines, and optional digital multichannel audio links; 16 AoIP channels over two ethernet connectors or 64 MADI channels input over optical fibre.


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