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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Indonesia’s TVRI Takes Digitalisation to the Edge with Eaton

Global power management company Eaton has announced that Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) has adopted Eaton’s iCube 2.0 Micro Data Center (MDC) as part of its digital transformation plans. Deployed at TVRI’s Jakarta headquarters, the Eaton iCube 2.0 supports the company’s long-term goals of digitalising its operations across its 29 regional branches, and delivering consistent, high-quality services to viewers across Indonesia’s 18,000 islands.

TVRI’s latest digitalisation efforts come off the back of ongoing transformation of its business model. Having launched its digital broadcasting services in 2010 and subsequently rolled out its online streaming and video-on-demand services in 2018, TVRI sought to become a platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. However, with branches that spread across Indonesia’s dispersed geography, including some located in remote areas that do not yet see widespread power distribution, ensuring uniformed digital transformation across its network was a challenge.

Designed to provide an “all-in-one” data center infrastructure solution with all components integrated and configured before being shipped out, the Eaton iCube 2.0 was quickly set up at TVRI’s headquarters. Powered by edge computing technology, it provides computing and storage support in close proximity to the source, minimising data latency and optimising bandwidth at the main branch in Jakarta. This has led to improved efficiency at TVRI’s headquarters, enhancing real-time responsiveness and instantaneous communications – key capabilities that are critical for broadcast networks.

“With the Eaton iCube 2.0 in place, we are able to centralize our data at our Jakarta headquarters and minimise redundancies across our branches.” said Ade Dianofiar, Head of Information Technology and New Media Planning and Control Team, TVRI. “In addition, the MDC has enabled TVRI’s main studio to better support our regional branches to create localized content as each branch becomes digitalised,” he added.

Equipped with anti-seismic features, the Eaton iCube 2.0 has also strengthened TVRI’s resilience and business continuity amidst rising occurrences of natural disasters which can severely damage existing power infrastructure, and disrupt broadcasting and production operations.

“Public broadcasters play a vital role in delivering timely information, as well as quality education and entertainment content. Backed with the Eaton iCube 2.0 MDC, national broadcasting companies like TVRI are extending their mission of producing and bringing high-quality content and telecommunications services across remote, distributed locations,” said Jimmy Yam, Vice President, East Asia at Eaton Electrical.

Having successfully deployed the Eaton iCube 2.0 MDC at its headquarters, TVRI is looking to modernise the rest of its IT and energy management infrastructure, with plans to deploy micro data centers at their other regional stations in the future.

“The Eaton iCube 2.0 performance has put us in a better position to accelerate our digitalisation efforts,” said Dianofiar. “We are confident that we’ll be able to meet the growing demand for always-on broadcast content, while remaining resilient in an increasingly volatile operating environment.”


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