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Monday, June 24, 2024

Ipsos Iris Adds YouTube Data to Measurement Ratings

Ipsos has announced the launch of enriched YouTube audience reach and watch time data across mobile, desktop and tablets into the Ipsos iris digital audience measurement currency, in collaboration with Google and IAB Australia.

Ipsos iris, Australia’s online audience measurement solution since January 2023, and endorsed by IAB Australia, provides transparency and understanding to media owners, agencies and advertisers, all without compromising user privacy.

The addition of YouTube connected TV (CTV) audiences set to launch in Ipsos iris in the second half of 2024, will provide media owners, agencies and advertisers with greater capabilities to analyse media content across key platforms in one consolidated space, and against uniform demographics. This means more accurate data, insightful analysis, and the ability to shape content strategy.

As YouTube audiences continue to grow, publishers and broadcasters are evolving bespoke content strategies for the platform. To reflect this growth, Ipsos iris will break out YouTube measurement and report against 500+ audience segmentations.

“We are thrilled to bring YouTube’s rich data into Ipsos iris,” said Simon Wake, Ipsos Australia CEO. “The inclusion of video views and watch time for YouTube content not only enhances the robustness of our platform but also provides our subscribers with a holistic view of digital video consumption that now includes OzTAM BVOD and tagged websites. This partnership asserts our commitment to delivering market-leading measurement solutions.”

Gai Le Roy, IAB Australia CEO, said: “The IAB is pleased that the integration of YouTube data into the IAB Australia-endorsed Ipsos iris has enabled enhanced video metrics for advertisers’ and agencies’ digital campaign planning and ways to evaluate video audiences consistently across media.

This development is an important step in our quest to define the full Australian digital video viewing landscape across all screens within a trusted system, adhering to common standards for robustness and transparency.”

Caroline Oates, Head of YouTube Advertising AUNZ, said: “At YouTube, we firmly believe that independent, transparent and privacy centric measurement helps the industry navigate an increasingly fragmented media landscape. With this in mind, we are excited to be partnering with Ipsos to drive a greater understanding of the extent and role of YouTube viewership across mobile, desktop and tablet. We look forward to supporting continued innovation as we provide partners a more complete picture of online video consumption across screens and platforms.”

The expansion of Ipsos iris’ video reporting capabilities to include YouTube underscores Ipsos’s dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the industry and those looking to better understand digital media consumption.

This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the way digital media is measured and understood. It enables more effective planning, buying, and selling of media, ensuring that the media industry can operate with confidence in a complex, multi-platform world.


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