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Sunday, July 14, 2024

iQIYI Adds New Layer of Interactivity to Videos

iQIYI Inc., an online entertainment service in China, is pleased to announce that it has recently added new interactive features to its platform as the Company continues to deliver cutting-edge multi-sensory experiences to its users.

The new features are available in the recently unveiled Game of Shark, a reality show where celebrities form teams and participate in murder mystery role-playing games. By choosing Rhythm Mode, one of the new interactive features, users can feel their phones vibrate according to the actions taking place on screen. In addition, the newly introduced Shark Mode allows users to directly take on the identity of a character and join their favourite celebrities in collecting hidden clues and identifying the murderer. This immersive online experience marks another major milestone for iQIYI in its quest to enhance users’ viewing experience by harnessing interactive multi-sensory video technology.

Unlike customised features released in the past, the interactive features of Game of Shark are configured based on the Company’s Interactive Video Production Platform (IVP). In 2019, iQIYI launched the world’s first Interactive Video Guideline (IVG) and IVP, a one-stop platform of assisted production tools that helps content creators produce and publish interactive videos efficiently and conveniently. With this latest update, the platform enables creators to apply and add the interactive features of Game of Shark to all kinds of content, including variety shows, dramas, games, and advertisements.

With the advent of interactive videos, iQIYI is no longer simply a one-way content provider, and viewers become more than just content receivers. Thanks to the interactive features, users are now able to engage in content creation as part of their viewing experience. Other latest features added by iQIYI, the Heartbeat Mode and Revolving Bullet Comments, featured in Moonlight, a romantic comedy-drama iQIYI produced, have attracted over a million users. A romantic kiss scene in episode 19 of the show has generated 14 views per viewer. This amounts to over 25 million ‘heartbeats’ – where a viewer’s phone vibrates to mirror heartbeat – and is equivalent to each viewer replaying the segment for seven minutes.

In addition, iQIYI has explored ways in which interactivity can be used to enhance storytelling. Ahead of the launch of drama series Detective Chinatown, iQIYI selected key plots from the series’ universe and produced an interactive video through IVP. While viewing the video, users are able to make different choices and unlock 26 different endings to the story.

The Company has also applied this interactive technology to large events. For example, in the Company’s annual iQIYI Scream Night 2021, program order, arrangement of the stage, and viewing angles were all put to the control of users thanks to the interactive video technology. Data from the event showed increased engagement, with 90 percent of users switching their screens an average of 29 times using the innovative ‘four-in-one’ screen feature.

The wide applicability of IVG and IVP empower iQIYI to create new forms of consumption. Through an exemplary combination of standards, tools, and content, the Company’s innovations help accelerate the industrialisation of interactive videos. iQIYI will continue to enhance its capabilities in the field of interactive video to meet the needs of the users who increasingly demand engagement with content. By doing so, the Company aims to improve interaction, engagement, and immersion and take the viewing experience to the next level.


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