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Japan’s Chilly Source Shoots Nike Event with Blackmagic 6K Camera

Blackmagic Design has announced that Chilly Source, a lifestyle label engaging in various creative activities based on the theme of “chilling” and feel good music, recently used Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro digital film cameras and DaVinci Resolve Studio, as well as other Blackmagic Design products, to capture and post the “Maxxed Out x Chilly Source Market” event. The event was a collaboration between Chilly Source and Nike.

Chilly Source was initiated by Japan-bsed Yusuke Yotsuyanagi, aka DJ KRO, uploading his DJ mix videos to YouTube. Chilly Source has grown into a lifestyle label with a team of creators, including designers, videographers as well as DJs and musicians.

“I was uploading mix videos as an individual, and when my YouTube followers reached 10,000, I thought it would be better to start a DJ label. So, I gathered a group of people and started Chilly Source about seven years ago,” said Yotsuyanagi.

During quarantine, Yotsuyanagi started using Blackmagic Design products.

“I could not DJ at clubs anymore due to the quarantine. I wanted to bring a positive feel to clubgoers, so I started live streaming. After struggling with my equipment, which didn’t perform well, someone recommended the ATEM Mini switcher, and I switched to it,” he explained.

“For my streamed DJ mix, which I called ‘Stay Home Mix,’ I set two fixed cameras and switched using the ATEM Mini while I was DJing,” said Yotsuyanagi. “After quarantine, I wanted everyone to go out and enjoy, so I intentionally reduced live streaming and started the 3rd Floor project, which was recorded video content.”

The project name, 3rd Floor, derives from the ideas of “the third place” and a “new dance floor.” Chilly Source presents a wide range of music with high quality video from various locations through this project. Performances are shot with Pocket Cinema Camera 4Ks.

“At Chilly Source, we have people who can shoot, edit, and do other creative things. I can do some of that myself, but we have members who work professionally in the video industry that have been using Blackmagic cinema cameras. We now shoot most of the videos we produce at Chilly Source with Blackmagic cameras,” Yotsuyanagi continued.

These videos led to collaboration offers from various companies, including the Maxxed Out x Chilly Source Market. Held in March, the event celebrated Nike’s Air Max shoes and featured a joint exhibition of various Air Max sneakers and graphic art by Chilly Source members, DJ performances and live performances by other guest artists.

Chilly Source members captured the event with three Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pros. Blackmagic Video Assist 12G 7” HDR monitor/recorders were also used for monitoring, with DaVinci Resolve Studio editing, grading, visual effects (VFX) and audio post production software used for post production.

Yotsuyanagi said: “The Blackmagic cameras are highly user friendly. The touch panel setting menus are easy to use and quickly lead me to where I want to be. This was our first time shooting in 6K, and even though it was a long day of shooting, the file size of the footage was not very large. It was a big surprise how lightweight and beautiful Blackmagic RAW is.”

“For editing, we used DaVinci Resolve Studio. It is easy to edit and allows us to grade footage without compromises. I feel it is designed to get the most out of the camera’s capabilities. The other benefit of DaVinci Resolve is that, unlike the editing software I used to use, it doesn’t build up a cache and slow down, so I can do what I want quickly without stress,” said Yotsuyanagi.


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