Sunday, May 26, 2024

Japan’s Rakuten Group Launches ‘Drone Gateway’ Service

Japan’s Rakuten Group, Inc. has announced the full-scale launch of Rakuten Drone Gateway, a new platform that assists businesses and individuals who use drones by supporting drone flight operations and job matching for drone operators.

The web-based platform aims to serve as a gateway for all those working with drones, and offers job matching services as well as flight support for drone operators.

The job matching service allows companies and individuals who utilise drones to post job openings tailored to specific requirements including aerial photography, aerial surveys and inspections, as well as search for and hire drone operators that meet their needs. After completing the employer screening process, drone operator-seeking businesses and individuals can create job posts that include an overview of the job, payment and other details.

Meanwhile, drone operators seeking work can register their profile data after submitting their personal identification, skill certifications and other required documents. This allows them to easily browse and apply for open drone operation jobs. Rakuten will make payments to drone operators after the job commissioned by the company or individual is complete.

In addition to the job matching service, Rakuten Drone Gateway offers drone flight support. This provides flight maps necessary for flying drones, such as the locations of flight-prohibited zones, topographical information and maps of planned flight paths, and aerial photographs. Meteorological information including weather forecasts and precipitation radar are also provided. By offering this data to users all in one service, the platform aims to streamline drone operations for pilots.


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