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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Japan’s Tokyo-Sanko Invests in DiGiCo Quantum 338 Consoles

Tokyo-based rental company Tokyo Sanko recently added two DiGiCo Quantum 338 consoles to its inventory. Already loyal DiGiCo users, with 10 years’ experience using the brand’s desks, Tokyo Sanko has now extended its brand portfolio with a next generation controller.

“DiGiCo is a super machine. The company produces faultless consoles that can adapt to many different scenarios,” says Mr Tetsuya Matsunaga, audio department manager and system engineer at Tokyo Sanko. “We’ve been using their desks for over a decade now and are consistently impressed by what we’re able to achieve.”

Tokyo Sanko rents concert-related sound and lighting equipment from its base in Tokyo, Japan. As well as servicing long-running theatre, musical, corporate, and sporting events, the company has an additional branch that oversees stage production and direction. Well-known for their work in large stadiums, domes, and arena-class venues across the country, Tokyo Sanko supports this wide variety of entertainment with a highly skilled staff and impressive inventory of equipment.

The company first heard about DiGiCo when it was introduced by an agency during the industry’s transition to digital consoles back in the early 2000s, but it was the flagship SD7 that sealed the team’s decision to invest.

“I liked that I could customise things freely on the SD7,” recalls Mr Matsunaga. “I first used the desk in a small-scale venue, and it sounded incredible. This is when I realised how powerful it could be.”

Since then, Tokyo Sanko has continued to turn to DiGiCo for numerous live shows and projects, including an outdoor concert at Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto where the SD7 was used for the first time. The Shrine dates back to 1865 and is dedicated to the spirits of the first and last emperors who reigned Kyoto; Emperor Kammu (737-806) and Emperor Komei (1831-1867). It is located within the city, so the main challenge was to ensure clarity of audio, whilst keeping under the 90dB noise limitation. The DiGiCo SD7 exceeded expectations – delivering balanced sound that matched the breath-taking setting of the venue.

“This project cemented our love for DiGiCo,” explains Mr Matsunaga. “The console delivered a beautiful sound in a complex setting, so we expanded our portfolio with the addition of other consoles including the Quantum 7. The Quantum 338 now pushes our rental services into a new era.”

The Quantum 338 follows in the footsteps of the Quantum 7 and boasts a wealth of flexible design features. It merges tried and tested workflows with substantial processing power and includes 128 input channels – a game changer for built-in console I/O.

Additionally, the desk uses separate FPGAs for control and processing. When asked about Quantum’s unique features, including Nodal and Mustard Processing, and Spice Rack with Chilli6 and Naga6, Matsunaga replies: “They’re really useful. I’ve been using the dynamics in the basic DiGiCo to the extent that I might only use one piece of outboard equipment for vocals. With the Mustard and Spice Racks, you’re all set.”

Mr Eiichi Abe and Mr Takumi Koga, sound engineers at Tokyo Sanko, also express their reliance on these features: “I use Spice Rack’s Chilli6 and Naga6 a lot. If it’s Quantum, I feel like I’m doing this without any concerns,” says Mr Abe.

“Of course, the processing speed of Quantum is faster, and the desk also has its own features like Mustard and Spice Rack, but Quantum can use SD EQ and comps, too, which are sometimes programmed behind the scenes,” Mr Koga adds. “This is a job that can’t be done without DiGiCo, I think we’d be lost without them.”

Tokyo Sanko’s relationship with DiGiCo has been long-standing, and the addition of the two Quantum 338 consoles will further expand the rental company’s reach in the entertainment sector. Tokyo Sanko has followed DiGiCo since the beginning, and continues to deliver powerful, beautiful sounding shows with the help of the brand’s award-winning consoles.

“DiGiCo has become the standard for us,” concludes Mr Abe. “The consoles are easy to operate, customisable and can be used on a range of projects – and they feel futuristic!”


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