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Friday, June 14, 2024

Jolt’s EV Charger Digital Out-of-Home Network Expands in Sydney

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Greater Sydney will now have access to more free 7kWh, fast streetside charging stations, with JOLT and Transport for NSW launching the first in a series of new charging sites with integrated digital advertising screens.

This significant expansion of JOLT’s digital out-of-home network provides brands with further opportunity to connect with high-quality and engaged audiences during unique transiting and charging moments.

As part of the partnership, JOLT is set to roll out more than 100 digital out-of-home screens, with integrated EV charging capability, at commuter car parks and other transport assets in the next year, as it works with Transport for NSW to provide more sustainable transport solutions. The charger network will connect with EV drivers as well as commuters around the transport hubs, including pedestrians and drivers passing by.

JOLT CEO, Doug McNamee, said: “JOLT chargers are located in key metropolitan areas to help in our mission to reduce barriers to EV ownership and to provide advertisers with even more opportunities to connect with valuable metro transiting audiences. Through the expansion of fast chargers across the Transport for NSW network, JOLT provides EV drivers with convenient access to 7kWh of free, fast and clean EV charging, and offers an expanded and desirable digital out-of-home opportunity for brands.

“By using JOLT’s free charging top-ups, EV drivers could save more than $1000 per year on their charging expenses. Drivers also get the added benefit of knowing they’re contributing to a greener future, reducing air pollution and helping to combat climate change.

“JOLT’s Australian network usage is rapidly expanding, increasing by 602% in the past 12 months. Commitment from advertisers has almost tripled year on year with a diverse range of brands utilising our digital out-of-home network.”

JOLT Head of Sales and Platforms, Michael Selden, said: “JOLT and Transport for NSW’s agreement propels our digital out-of-home network forward, delivering further scale and frequency. JOLT provides brands with the ability to connect with high-quality, pioneering and engaged audiences, including those transiting, along with EV drivers charging their cars.

“Running on 100 per cent GreenPower, support from our advertising partners allows us to continue to offer drivers free top up charging with renewable resources, and will continue to deliver carbon reductions now and into the future.”


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