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Friday, May 31, 2024

Kennedy Award Winners Announced for Outstanding Journalism

September 18 saw four hundred and seventy guests cheering the winners of the 2023 Kennedy Awards for Outstanding Journalism in the ballroom of the Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney.

The Kennedys have thirty-seven categories in the nation’s richest awards for journalistic excellence.

The grand prize was Journalist of the Year and this year, after winning four separate categories for their outstanding work, it went to Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros from The Australian Financial Review for their work on the PwC Tax Leaks Scandal.

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to the legendary king of the scoop, Laurie Oakes.

According to the organisers, the competition was fierce, especially, in the new category of reporting on Human Rights, Social and Religious Affairs – the category with the largest number of entries.

The 2023 Kennedy Award Winners include:

2023 Kennedy Awards Journalist of the Year
Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros – The Australian Financial Review

Lifetime Achievement Award
Laurie Oakes

The John Newfong Award for Indigenous Affairs Reporting
Carrie Fellner, Katrina McGowan, Mat Cornwell and Rhett Wyman – Paradise Poisoned – The Sydney Morning Herald

The Vince O’Farrell Award for Outstanding Cartoon
Cathy Wilcox – Don’t Look, Becky – The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Outstanding Consumer Affairs Reporting
Emily Baker, Amy Donaldson and Madeleine King – Do No Harm – Four Corners, ABC

Outstanding Court and Legal Affairs Reporting
Nina Funnell, Lisa Muxworthy, Kerry Warren and Riah Matthews – Justice Shouldn’t Hurt –

The Les Kennedy Award for Outstanding Crime Reporting
Tara Brown and Naomi Shivaraman – PRESUMED EVIL & FALSELY ACCUSED – An incomplete investigation that destroyed a good cop’s life – 60 Minutes, Nine

Outstanding Finance Reporting
Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros – PwC Tax Leaks Scandal – The Australian Financial Review

The Tom Krause Award for Outstanding Foreign Correspondent
Eryk Bagshaw and Natalie Clancy – Kidnapped in Japan – 60 Minutes, Nine

Outstanding Investigative Reporting
Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros – PwC Tax Leaks Scandal – The Australian Financial Review

Outstanding Online News Breaking
Clementine Cuneo, Josh Hanrahan, Dan Proudman, John Rolfe and Tamaryn McGregor – Wedding Bus Tragedy –

Outstanding Political Reporting
Lucy Cormack, Tom Rabe, Alexandra Smith and Jordan Baker – Game Over for Lobbyist after “Catholic Gut” Comment – The Sydney Morning Herald

Outstanding Reporting on Human Rights, Social or Religious Affairs
Grace Tobin, Patrick Begley, Mary Fallon and Meghna Bali – Locking Up Kids – Four Corners, ABC

Outstanding Reporting on the Environment
Karla Grant, Michael Carey, Greg Wilesmith and Max Harach – Western Australia’s “Cultural Genocide” – Living Black, NITV

The Peter Frillingos Award for Outstanding Sport Reporting
Hagar Cohen, Alex McDonald and Alice Mulheron – Paralympic Scandal: Gaming the Games – Four Corners, ABC

The Cliff Neville Award for Outstanding Team Player or Mentor
Stephen Rice – The Australian

The Rebecca Wilson Award for Scoop of the Year
Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros – PwC Tax Leaks Scandal – The Australian Financial Review

Student Journalist of the Year
Tyson Jackson – The University of Notre Dame

Young Journalist of The Year
Kamin Gock – ABC

The Peter Ruehl Award for Outstanding Columnist
Emma Kemp – Guardian Australia

The Jim Oram Award for Outstanding Feature Writing
Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros – PwC Tax Leaks Scandal -The Australian Financial Review

Outstanding Travel Writing
Craig Tansley – Hollywood’s Take-Down Of Paradise – Freelancer/T Australia (Australia’s New York Times)

The Rod Allen Award for Racing Writer of the Year
Ben Dorries – Body of Work – News Corp

The Chris Watson Award for Regional Reporting – Print and Online
Matt Garrick – Fight for Peace – ABC News Darwin

SD Harvey Award For Short Crime Story
PG Davies – Adam Ingram

The Gary Ticehurst Award for News Camera Coverage
James Cannon – Turkey Earthquake – Seven Network

The Mike Willesee Award for Nightly Television Current Affairs Reporting
Anne Connolly and Hannah Meagher – Investigation into the Public Trustee System -7.30, ABC

Outstanding Online Video
Mark Morri, Josh Hanrahan, Clementine Cuneo, Ben English, Anna Caldwell and Zac McLean – The War: Young Blood – The Daily Telegraph

The David Leckie AM Award for Television Current Affairs Reporting-Long Form
Nick McKenzie, Amelia Ballinger and Joel Tozer – Trafficked – 60 Minutes, Nine

The Harry Potter Award for Television News Reporting
Sarah Greenhalgh, James Cannon and Bertan Ayduk – Turkey Earthquake -7NEWS

The Paul Lockyer Award for Regional Broadcast Reporting
Matt Cunningham – Matt Cunningham leads Australian reporting on the violence that has gripped the Northern Territory – Sky News NT


Outstanding Podcast
Jess Lodge, Melissa Downes and Adam Buncher – Hannah’s Story – 9News Queensland

The Sean Flannery Award for Outstanding On the Road Radio News Reporting
Clinton Maynard – Surry Hills Fire – Radio 2GB

Outstanding Radio Current Affairs
Ben Fordham and James Willis – Barilaro’s NYC Trade Job – Radio 2GB


Outstanding News Photography
Darren Howe – Saved From Above – Bendigo Advertiser, Australian Community Media

Outstanding Portrait Photography
Kate Geraghty – Defender of Bakhmut – The Sydney Morning Herald

Outstanding Sports Photography
Adam Mclean – UCI 2022 – Illawarra Mercury, Australian Community Media

The Power of the Lens : People’s Choice Award
Nick Gane – ‘Don’t Judge’ The World’s Most Tattooed Man- 7 News


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