Friday, April 19, 2024

KKStream Streams Into Japanese Fitness Sector

KKStream, the provider of B2B streaming technology in APAC, has expanded into the fitness sector by creating an immersive home fitness experience for Japanese fitness brand FEELCYCLE.

KKStream’s “Streaming-as-a-Service”, modular streaming solution BlendVision has been deployed by FEELCYCLE, the pioneer of “Fitness In The Dark”, to launch an at-home fitness subscription service.

“Fitness In The Dark” has been trending in Japan lately as members can immerse themselves in the fitness experience under a low-light environment surrounded by sound and light effects. This year, as the pioneer of “Fitness In The Dark”, upscale Japanese fitness brand FEELCYCLE partnered with KKStream to launch their new service “FEEL ANYWHERE”, bringing immersive indoor cycling with live streamed instructions along with exciting music and beats to the home of its members.

“The FEEL ANYWHERE online fitness service was created to break through the geographical and spatial constraints and introduce ‘Fitness In The Dark’ to people of any lifestyle,” said Hironobu Takeda, Director at FEEL ANYWHERE Division, “We faced many challenges while creating a high-quality home fitness experience, but we are now ready with the help of KKStream. I also look forward to working with KKStream to provide an experience that can redefine how people imagine online fitness through FEEL ANYWHERE.”

“With years of experience in providing enterprise-grade services and technology development, KKStream has launched our streaming technology solution BlendVision this year, and we continue to develop applications for this solution beyond the entertainment and media sector, “said Eric Tsai, President of KKStream. “Being able to partner with FEELCYCLE to launch an online home fitness service not only takes KKStream into the sports and fitness industry, it also shows that there are diverse applications of streaming technology and endless possibilities. We endeavor to enable more users to enjoy quality life experience brought by streaming technology.”

BlendVision includes: BlendVision MOMENT, a live video streaming service; BlendVision LOOM, KKStream’s intelligent video encoding technology; and BlendVision KALEIDO, a one-stop OTT technology service.


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